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This Teenager Has Been Growing Her Nails Seriously Long

This Teenager Has Been Growing Her Nails Seriously Long

Don’t get me wrong, I love myself some long nails, but what this student calls long, actually breaks all my nail-length sense.

Meet Simone, a 16-year-old student from Germany, who hasn’t cut her nails since the last FOUR YEARS!!!

Her nails now measure 15-centimeter long.

Looks like Simone is really *nailing* her teenage years.

Her long nails are usually painted with different quirky nail art which Simone documents on her Instagram page.



Source: Instagram/Simone Taylor



Her 15-centimeter long nails are often changed, as Simone loves to experiment with flashy colors and glitzy stickers.


She uses funky patterns to decorate her nails.


It’s been four years and Simone says she’s scared of nail clippers now.

Simone sports 10 naturally grown, lovingly cultivated super-long nails that she shows off with so much pride.

The 16-year-old says she spent the last four years of her life growing them out in an attempt to see just how far she could take them.

Apparently, the teenager has a lot of patience and determination, because if it was for me, I wouldn’t last a day with nails this long.

Simone declared that her patience has caused her a lot of trouble, especially in her grade, because she can’t really perform daily tasks such as exercising, writing and typing.

She also claimed to have trouble getting dressed in the morning.

But hey, they say beauty hurts, right?

Her natural nails must be SUPER SUPER strong.

While talking about her everyday struggles due to her nails, she told UNILAD how she “cannot write easily and that causes a lot of trouble during exams.”

Moreover, she has to type with her KNUCKLES and that leaves her hands hurting and sore.

But, on the other hand Simone seems happy that her school does not have a dress code, meaning she can flash her long nails.

Basic everyday tasks are a struggle for this teenage girl.

It took her re-learning how to write and type.

Her obsession with long nails first began in 2014, when she started painting her nails and wanted to see them grow longer.

It wasn’t my intention to grow them so long, but as they grew, so did the amount of compliments and they became more and more a part of me. During my first year, I always thought to myself, ‘I’m gonna cut them tomorrow,’ but I never did,” she said.


Her fans are obsessed with how she decorates her nails.

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Simone revealed that the most frequent question she gets from her fans, is if she has trouble using the toilet.

Which she answered that she has to be extra careful in the shower, when her nails tangle with her hair.


Even though her natural nails don’t break easily, she usually coats them twice with nail hardener and cuticle oil.

Despite being super careful, she did end up breaking a nail once!

I started crying and remember screaming, ‘Why my nail? Anything but my nail.’ Fortunately, I had my nail glue with me, so I was able to fix it. I’ll never leave the house again without my magical glue,” she recalled.


Simone also said she picks favorites among her ten fingers.

The teenager has no intentions in cutting them anywhere in the near future while she hopes to be able to grow them for years and years.

Wow, 2018 seriously doesn’t faze me anymore.

Let’s see if Simone will grow her nails to even more unbelievable lengths!




Source: Journalpost

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