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Teeth Whitening: Everything You Need To Know Regarding Bright Smiles

Teeth Whitening: Everything You Need To Know Regarding Bright Smiles

Let’s face it: teeth are one of the very first things we notice in a person. When it comes to maintaining a beautiful smile, we all strive for straight, white teeth. Although quite difficult to achieve, such a smile isn’t too far fetched. Especially when it comes to having white teeth whitening. Most of the things we eat and/or drink can cause stains on our teeth. But here is the good news. Nowadays, there is an abundance of ways we can whiten our teeth. From at home procedures to more professional methods, all you need is a little patience. So, let us go into details on teeth whitening and what it is really about.

What is teeth whitening?

While growing up, we change a lot. So, it only makes sense that our teeth change, too. With the passage of time, they tend to get more yellow. With teeth whitening, such a problem can easily be overcome. It is exactly what the term suggests. A procedure that makes your teeth a few shades brighter than they initially were. Before you ask, no. Teeth whitening does not grant you super white teeth. And come to think about it, extremely white teeth do not look natural at all, so… Teeth whitening can be done at the dentist as well as at home.



Who can whiten your teeth?

Well, as mentioned earlier, teeth whitening can be done professionally or at home. If you want to whiten your teeth professionally, then you must contact your doctor. Most dentists, not to say all, perform such procedures on their patients. Just set an appointment and let them know what it is that you want. But, if you’d rather whiten your teeth by yourself, then you must be careful when it comes to the methods you use. You might end up damaging your teeth as well as your gums.



How long does it last?

I have two news for you. A good one and a bad one. Here’s the bad one. Teeth whitening is not a permanent procedure. The good news? It is a procedure that can be done again. The whiteness of your teeth depends a lot on your eating and drinking habits. If you drink coke, sodas, coffee or if you smoke, your teeth will get stained again in 4-5 months. If you avoid those beverages, then the results of teeth whitening procedures will last longer.



What makes my teeth yellow?

We already know the importance of healthy eating and how our body benefits from it. But, when it comes to our teeth, we tend to ignore the fact that everything we eat or drink affects them as well. According to Crest, yellow teeth are a result of smoking, coffee, and wine. They also suggest that yellow teeth can be an indication of an underlying condition. We must pay attention to what our body tells us. And lastly, they say that yellow teeth can also be an indication of poor dental hygiene. However, bear in mind that teeth get yellow with the passage of time as well. You might floss and brush three times a day, yet your teeth might not show that.



Should I do it?

See, teeth whitening is absolutely optional. In fact, it is a mere preference. However, if you feel like you cannot smile freely because you feel like your teeth are yellow and/or have stains, then you should consider undergoing such procedures. Why? Well, ultimately because it will boost your confidence. Low self-esteem can take quite a toll on you. It makes you think you don’t look good enough. So, why stop yourself from smiling if there is an easy fix to this matter?

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However, even if you decide to whiten your teeth or if you opt out, you should make sure to brush them regularly. Brush your teeth after each meal. Brushing teeth regularly can help maintain their natural color as well as keep the bad bacteria out of your mouth. Bacteria can give you a foul breath and that is something you can avoid by practicing good oral hygiene every single day.


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