The Phobia That We Probably All Have, But Don’t Know Much About It

While we all get scared and have our fears, sometimes rational sometimes not, other people might not understand it and that is okay. However, there is one fear that we probably all have, but we have not heard of it. At least, not until now. Thalassophobia? Does it ring a bell? No? Well, Thalassophobia is the fear of the sea or of sea travel, but can also involve any bodies of deep, dark water, and what may lurk beneath the surface. As much as I love the sea, I swear I scream for my mother the minute my feet touch seaweed.

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Thalassophobia derives from the Greek words Thalassa meaning sea, and Phobos fear, but this term can mean different things to different people. See, picture yourself dangling your legs off the edge of a small boat and letting your feet dip into the sea. If this thought makes you a little bit worried about a shark jumping out of the water, congratulations, you have thalassophobia.

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And not just sharks. Think of ocean sinkholes, waves, underwater caves, your feet touching slimy rocks, you name it. Moreover, there’s even a Reddit thread about thalassophobia, where people who have the fear, can share their thoughts and support each other over what creeps them out about the sea. The thread has people sharing pictures and videos of everything. And by everything I mean from someone working underwater and whales breaching next to a boat, to underwater restaurants and dolphins swimming beneath surfers.


Other people in the thread shared what it was that triggered their fear. One person explained:

For me, I think it was Finding Nemo, the scene where Marlin and Dory encounter the whale. The distant silhouette of the whale paired with the whale’s eerie song just creeped me the hell out. The wide, never-ending expense of the murky water that could be hiding anything, with no place to seek refuge or shelter…

While another said:

Nemo definitely was a contributor, the scene with the light bulb fish, (can’t remember the name) put into perspective what is down there that we know of and the unknown aspect creeps me out.

And a third one added:

I watched a Nat Geographic documentary about aquatic animals when I was young and saw creepy fish like the Angler Fish, Monkfish and Stonefish which crept the hell outta me.


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