The Rock Reveals He Remembers His Beginnings Through A Post He Shared On Instagram

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is very well one of the people we love seeing not only on TV but also social media. Not only he knows how to keep his fans entertained, but he’s also quite inspiring with the commitment he has towards his family as well as society. The star has garnered a number of about 127 million followers on Instagram and it’s safe to say, pretty much every one of them seems to enjoy what he posts.

Reportedly, the 46-year-old actor gets paid $1 million per post to promote his films on his personal accounts. However, The Rock doesn’t only use his social media profiles to promote his films. He jokes, he shows his decent guy qualities, and above all, he remembers his past and where he came from back when he wasn’t famous.

Oh, and let’s not forget the hilarious joke series with Kevin Hart. We love those!

Recently, however, he has taken to Instagram to share a story from the past and how that memory from the past related so well to his present.

See below:


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Dwayne posted the above picture, and captioned it with:

A good laugh at 40,000ft.
Flyin’ back to Hawaii now to finish production on HOBBS & SHAW.
Looked down at my plate and started to laugh at my plain grilled chicken and white rice and had an epiphany.
Laughed cuz when I was teenager living in Hawaii, we were evicted from our lil’ $180 per week apartment and forced to leave the island. That part ain’t so funny, but what IS funny is that even back then when I was 14yrs old, my daily diet was EXACTLY THE SAME as it is today, eatin’ the same shit – plain grilled chicken and white rice
Same kid. Same shit.

Back in December, he also shared a post where he wrote about a group of young children from the Make A Wish Foundation, Rays of Sunshine Foundation, and Starlight Foundation. He surprised these children by sharing gifts and hanging out with them. See the video he posted on Twitter:

Not only a good actor but also a decent human being!

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