Theory Claims Eminem Died In 2006 And Was Replaced By A Robot By The Music Industry

No matter how much fun the internet is with its ideas and way of portraying things, often times we have to step back and read the same thing twice, maybe even thrice. Such is the case with this theory.

Wake up, y’all. We have been living a lie. At least the internet seems to think and say so. The latest news is that La Guía Del Varón has a theory that states how Eminem, whose real name is Marshall Mathers, died way back in the year 2006. However, seeing as it was a huge lass of the music industry to lose such a profitable star, they decided to, uhm, replace Eminem with a robot, an android.

Where did they base this? Well, they have shared pictures of the rapper before 2006 along with recent pictures of him. They have made a comparison between how he used to look vs how he looks now, pointing out some changes like defined cheekbones, a lower hairline, and a slimmer jaw.

This is him back in 2001:

Credit: PA

And a more recent photo:

theory claims eminem robot
Credit: PA


I mean, they do look different but it’s just age and weight loss, and not some freakish theory that he has been replaced by a robot, right? Well, the theorists say that even since 2006, Eminem has changed his lyrics as well as the way he dressed up. So let me get this straight, they think Eminem has been replaced by a robot because he has changed as a person? Well, you got us.

The theory creator adds:

The Eminem that we all know is a fraud, that knows that it is a fraud and is rubbing it in our faces.


The unusual post even suggests:

Many brainwashed people, not able to conceive of what reality is really like, believed the lie and followed after their hero in his new mentality.

Personally? I believe Eminem has aged like fine wine.


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Source: Ladbible