These People Are So Savage And You Can’t Help But Laugh With Their Actions

It’s such great joy when we get to live the best life every day. No matter what life throws at us, we’ll show life that we’re strong and ready to endure and be always better. However, sometimes human beings need fun and laughter along the way.

Yes, we’re talking about being ‘savage af’ and enjoying it when you can. I mean, to that level when you don’t hurt somebody’s feeling but you know, you do it to entertain both sides. After all, the best stories are those unique ones that make you laugh after telling them even for the tenth time. Here’s what Diply collected to bring a smile into your face today:

1. If somebody keeps telling you that they are pretty, do this…

Twitter | @dontatmebih


2. I mean, who forgets his car’s window open knowing that he has a pizza inside?

Twitter | @HecksNawBro


3. At least Ella was honest about it

Twitter | @HeyMrsJay


4. All moms can relate…

Twitter | @DancesWithTamis

5. Probably, we should try and write the truth in the recommendation letters

Imgur | yakmo


6. I’d really love somebody to teach me that

Pleated Jeans


7. Creativity level – to it’s highest. Besides, all I care is COOKIES.

Reddit | 3kliksphiIip


8. This is modern savagery, isn’t it?

Imgur | BashirSim

9. Good job roomie, good job 

Twitter | @Deno_Tron


10. You need to have a good sense of humor to go through this

Instagram | @_the.imperfect.angel_


11. Something about entrepreneurship?

Reddit | 55togo


12. And this is how you learn to never get bad grades any more kids! For sure it was one of the coolest things that his student will remember from uni days.

Twitter | @elmariochido


13. “My boss at work says the word respect a lot. So my co-workers ordered his birthday cake with the word ‘Respect’ written on it, but this? Well, it must have brought a good laugh afterwards.”

savage people
Reddit | ggbuttstead


14. “I went to one of those paint nights and I felt worse than a kindergartner learning how to draw. No thanks!”

savage people
Imgur | thewolfofacorns


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