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7 Things That Should Change In The Music Industry

7 Things That Should Change In The Music Industry

The music industry has changed drastically in the last two decades. Just ask anyone who was born before the turn of the century. They’ll tell you, with no hesitation, that the current state of the music industry isn’t at its best.

miley vs nicky

Of course, there are those who disagree, but this is my personal opinion. In fact, it’s what I consider to be the harsh truth. Read on to find out more about the 8 things which I find are wrong with the current music industry.



1. Talent? Nah, you just need a butt.

Though this is not specific only to the music scene now, it appears like overt sexuality is a must for every artist. It’s rare to turn on your TV without seeing a lot of semi-nudity in music videos. I mean, it’s fine if that’s what the artist wants to do, but it’s bad if they’re doing so while sounding like a dying cat.


2. Product advertisement everywhere

Yep. It’s pretty much impossible to stumble upon a video where there is no product placement. Sometimes they overdo it so much that it feels like the whole song is nothing more than an advertisement for that very product.

miley cyrus



3. Real singing is not common

Autotune is an artist’s best friend. Hearing someone’s actual singing voice is a rare thing these days. I’m not saying every possible artist uses autotune, all I’m saying is that not many of them don’t use it…

lilly cole



4. Radio brainwash

Ever heard a song on the radio and thought “what the hell is this!?”, only to find yourself singing it a week later? I know I have, and there’s a good reason for it- they play stupid songs on the radio all day long until we give up and give into them.

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5. Music is hard to access

I wish I could go back to the simple days when you could buy CDs and cassettes if you wanted to listen to music. Today there are so many music platforms like ‘Deezer’, ‘Spotify’ and ‘Apple Music’ all making songs exclusive to them and hard to access unless you have an account.


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6. Everything is a sub-genre of another genre, which is a sub-genre of another genre… you get it.

Sometimes it feels like musicians just randomly put together weird tunes and decide to call it a “new genre”.



7. Awful covers

Current artists look up to those before them to create mega hits. The only problem is that they manage to ruin perfectly good songs in doing so. All I can do is hope this will come to an end soon.

I know this article may sound harsh, and I realize many of these issues have been around for many years now, but I just hope that things will take a turn for the better. And, it goes without saying, that despite all the pressures of working in this industry, there are plenty of talented artists who have stayed true to themselves and brought incredible music into our lives.

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