You Might Have Been Doing These 27 Things Wrong All Along

We all do the everyday routines and things in a certain way, right? Have you ever wondered if there is a totally different and better way to do something? How many times have you stumbled across a wonderful new hack on the Internet and felt bad that it never occurred to you? Well, don’t worry, the following tips will definitely make your life easier.

Scroll down to learn 27 new and better ways of doing things that you might have been doing the harder way, courtesy of Diply.


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1. It is nearly impossible to slice a loaf of bread without either destroying it or squishing it.

However, there’s another way! In order to have perfect slices flip the bread over and cut it from the bottom. Surprise!


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2. There is a better way of eating an oreo.

Stick a fork into the filling of the Oreo and dip it in milk or in your coffee. Easier and much more enjoyable way to consume the ultimate cookie. Pretty genius.


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3. These people deserve some sort of award for this display of creativity

So, there is a way to wait in line without fighting with other people or without ending up with numb legs from hours of waiting. Why don’t we keep our spot with our shoes in line while sitting back to relax?


Source: Twitter | @Hugodixon

4. Most of us take our shirts off by pulling the bottom up and over our heads, but there is a better and easier way to do so

Yes, definitely a better way. And faster too.


Source: YouTube | CrazyRussianHacker

5. Do you think a lint roller is the best way to get that pilling off of old fabric? Nope.

You should use a razor, instead, as it breaks through the dull build up way easier.


Source: One Good Thing by Jillee

6. Calm down the annoying straw floating around the can opening

Next time you open a can use the tab to keep your straw in place.


Source: Reddit | triggerhoppe


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7. I’ve seen some people doing this but never knew why

This will prevent your earphone from moving around and falling down.


Source: Life Hacker

8. Have you noticed that you can’t make out the letters of a word when you simply cross them with straight lines?

Writing letters on top of the words would be more effective.


Source: Reddit | yourmom46

9. Annoyed that your plug keeps coming undone when you move around?

A little knot will do the trick.


Source: Tumblr | stfuchristine

10. In order to cool down a beverage as quickly as possible, wrap it with wet paper towels and put it in the fridge for at least 15 minutes


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11. A very common mistake: using the wrong type of plunger!

The one on the left side is for cleaning the toilet and the one on the right side is used for the sink.11

Source: Women You Should Know

12. Ever noticed those loop hook things on your grocery cart?

They exist for a reason. Sort your shopping items in additional plastic bags when your cart is full.


Source: 22 Words

13. You’ve probably been peeling bananas by the stem end your entire life, right?

Well, so has probably the half of the world’s population. However, a much easier way is pinching the tip on the other end.


Source: Instructables

14. The annoying and unfilled sandwich bread corners

Here’s how to maximize every single bite.


Source: Reddit | LauraJesson

15. This one is a little weird but important at the same time

The squat position is better for your bowels instead of a straight sit down.


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16. All tinfoil fans, stop fighting with the roll

Next time you open a tinfoil, press the ‘press-here-to-lock-role’ tab on the side of the box. It is there for a very good reason.


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17. If you play it right, Monopoly doesn’t take too long to finish

If a property is turned down by a player after landing on it, you should let the others bid for it in an auction.


18. Are you the type of person who loves leaving tons of little notes everywhere?

Do you always forget your notes and eventually forget them? From now on, write it on a bathroom mirror!


Source: Reddit | cybrian
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19. Peeling an orange can be so annoying. Plus, pulp seems to still be everywhere.

This is the ultimate and perfect way to peel an orange.

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20. We all know that this is how mugs should really be used

Save yourself the time to watch an extra episode of your favorite show.


Source: Reddit | [deleted]

21. The best way to hold a slice of pizza

Fold your slice of pizza into a “U” shape.


Source: Wired
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22. Cut off the ends of your hangers and use them as chip bag holders


Source: The Berry

23. Arrange the leftover spaghetti into a donut-like ring to get a more even heat up


Source: Reddit | Omgpolly

24. Make two holes in your bin to prevent that annoying bag suction


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25. Obviously, this little hook thing is just used to hold the tray in a plane up, right?

It is actually a coat hook, feel free to use it as such next time.


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26. Apparently, it makes a big difference if you put the bumpy edge of bobby pin up or down

You should always have the bumpy side of the bobby pin against your scalp — this will make it slip less.


Source: Chelsey Rae

27. Keep your back straight while doing push-ups

This is crucial not to injure your back while getting the most out of the exercise at the same time.


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