This Makeup Tutorial Had This Lady’s Confidence Boosted On Her Wedding Day

Makeup doesn’t only change how other people perceive one; it also changes the way one perceives themselves. I am talking on the behalf of the majority of women, I hope I am not wrong. Cases when women use cosmetics they tend to see themselves in a more objective way, they are likely to feel more confident and happy.

RAYGANAT_MANSUROVA with 217K followers on Instagram transformed so beautifully this lady on her wedding day! You can be just one of her many followers on Instagram and you’ll witness it yourself. Well, you might not understand all the posts descriptions, but you will definitely enjoy her videos. In case you want to take an idea from the captions, you can easily translate the page into English or whatever language you speak by clicking the right mouse button and choose the option ‘Translate into English.’ Thank me later xoxo.

They are merely hair tutorials but with some shades of makeup here and there. Today we chose a makeup and a hair tutorial for you.

First, let us look at this beautiful makeup transformation:


She was only two years old when she burnt her face.


The artist wrote:  “I looked at her and thought how strong she was“.

I do not want to make you feel sorry for her”. “I just want this woman a real happiness “.


As today is one of the most important days of her life “Her Wedding Day” she ended the post.

Beautiful makeup transformation indeed.

For more, you can see the video yourself:

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Now let’s see another transformation, this time in hair:

There is no need for ponytail just have them all untangled and secured with bobby pins.

After this, you put “the fake bun” inside.

Now don’t roll your hair all at once! Make sure to divide them into hair strands.

And here is your final look!

Your hair will look like a beautiful flower that just blossomed!

See the videos and you will see the procedure by yourself.

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We hope that these video tutorials will inspire you at some point!

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Finally, I only know that the most important thing for every girl is to love yourself. With or without makeup, with or without your hair done you are beautiful and don’t let anyone else tell you the opposite.

Source: Rayganat_mansurova