This Man Shared A Note From His Two Friends One Gay And One Straight, Asking To Date Him

In the rapid age of the internet, it’s enough to post something that attracts people’s attention and in the blink of the eye, your photos might be circling around thousands of users of social media.

The same happened to the 23-year-old Utah man – Cody Craig. He took Twitter to share the quirky date story of how a male and female considered the idea of being romantically involved with him but they had a dilemma whether he was gay or straight. Anyway, they decided to write the note and ask.

Craig received the handwritten note from Tanner Forbes. The note read:  ‘Hey, if you’re not gay, my friend thinks you’re cute. Here’s here number… (And if you are gay here’s mine).’

Apparently, his two friends ( reported by Dailymail as Tanner Forbes and Janae Klumpp) knew nothing about his sexual orientation but both of them developed a romantic interest in him.

He captioned the post ‘a highlight of my day’.

The note went viral on Twitter with more than 1,100 comments, 80,000 retweets, and 361,000 likes.

His two friends were interested to know whether he was gay or straight and they finally found out. Craig confirmed that he is gay so he chose to call the second number from the note.

Some social media users praised the friends for being great ‘wingmen’.  Some others even wrote homophobic comments according to what Craig told DailyMail. Craig said:

There’s definitely been negative comments here and there, but I think people are reporting them and getting them removed or hidden, which is great because a lot of platforms are struggling to deal with harassment and hate speech right now.

However, there were also positive ones and you can find some of them below:


Craig then took Twitter to share how everything unfolded with his date:

 Man Shared A Date Note


He even shared a photo:

 Man Shared A Date Note



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Source: Dailymail