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Youtuber Thomas Halbert Says Manny Gutierrez, Laura Lee, & NikkieTutorials Are Being Blackmailed By Jeffree Star

Youtuber Thomas Halbert Says Manny Gutierrez, Laura Lee, & NikkieTutorials Are Being Blackmailed By Jeffree Star

The beauty community has had quite a lot of drama these past few months. It’s a never-ending circle. The latest one revolves around the infamous beauty mogul Jeffree Star who never seems to be the center of these incidents. We have all witnessed the fights between him and beauty vlogger Thomas Halbert and we thought they finally were on good terms, but I guess we were wrong.

Thomas accused Jeffree Star of blackmailing Manny ‘MUA’ Gutierrez, Laura Lee, and NikkieTutorials. The tweets have since then been deleted but what is posted on the internet is never really gone.

After the sudden loss of followers, comments coming from his supporters, Thomas released an apology statement on Twitter.



In the statement, Thomas says Jeffree was the reason why he talked ill about Manny in the voice message Jeffree released, he speaks directly to Jeffree in the statement saying:

Because I tweeted in defense of Manny’s refund drama… You texted me, “stop he doesn’t like you”. You then proceeded to invite me over to talk and hang out. Why was I so mad at Manny? because YOU told me he tried to ruin my career in 2015 and that he was the reason everyone hated me. I trusted you. You lied.

Thomas says he never lied about anything revolving Jeffree including the use of the n-word:

There is nothing that I have said about Jeffree Star that has been a lie. I will not go back on what I said in regards to the racial slur because it was not a lie. I didn’t lie to him, and as much as he has tried to manipulate the truth, one thing he hasn’t been able to show is that I’m a liar.
In another tweet, he even asks Jeffree to share the audio from his security cameras if he truly is innocent.

Tweets may have gotten deleted but fans have the screenshots and want to know the truth.

Other screenshots show that Thomas might have stuff on Jeffree we don’t know about.

Thomas claims he has problematic videos of Jeffree but he keeps them to protect himself. In a series of tweets, he shares a screenshot of DMs on Twitter from a conversation with Manny, “I just wanted to warn you guys about it because I saw the video and it was not good.”

Thomas says Jeffree “got Nikkie on camera saying ‘sand n*****'”  and even has a video of Laura Lee calling Nikke “a fat whale.”


After these claims NikkieTutorials went on in Twitter:

Nikkie then went on…

After deleting all the tweets, all that remains in Thomas’ Twitter account is this tweet from Youtuber fellow Jackie Aina:

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Jeffree then, of course, responded back.

Jeffree claims that the events of this whole month are something he can’t relate to.

He seems unbothered.

thomas halbert blackmailed jeffree star
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What do you think of the latest drama? Are you a subscriber of any of the beauty vloggers?


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