Thomas Markle Jr. Hopes To Resolve The Family Drama By Inviting The Duke and Duchess To His Wedding

Meghan Markle’s half-siblings just love drama! Ever since she left Hollywood to join the royal family upon her marriage with Prince Harry, her half-sister Samantha has been constantly slamming the Duchess, not to mention her father and her brother giving interview after interview.

But now, Thomas Markle Jr. is getting married and apparently, he wants Meghan to be part of his wedding, in a final attempt to resolve the ongoing family drama.

thomas markle jr invites the duke and duchess to his wedding
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Speaking to Daily Mail, the 52-year-old revealed that he and fiancée, Darlene Blount, have sent an invitation to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, hoping that their presence will “put all the past behind everybody and move on and be a closer family again.”

Thomas Markle Jr. said that it’s very important to start the New Year by bringing the family together, and that’s definitely on his agenda. What’s more, the wedding would be perfect for ‘Meg’ and her father to reunite, the 52-year-old believes.

Thomas Markle Sr. did not attend her daughter’s wedding to Prince Harry due to his health issues, and it is believed that he has not seen Meghan since before her May wedding. As for Thomas Jr., he was not invited to the royal wedding, but apparently, there’s no bad blood between him and his little sister.

His wedding will be held either in Reno, or Las Vegas, Nevada, and it would be ‘kind of exciting’ if Harry and Meghan attend the wedding, according to Thomas and his fiancée, especially after Darlene didn’t believe Thomas at first when he told her about his relation to the new royal.

It is still unknown whether the royal couple will attend the wedding or not, but considering the Duchess’ state, it is very unlikely.

The couple’s first engagement for 2019 is said to be on January 14, according to royal reporter Omib Scobie, when they will visit Birkenhead to“meet local organizations that support and empower groups within the community.”

It has been rumored that the Queen has approved of Meghan’s first patronage as a royal, and she will reportedly be the patron of the National Theatre, probably due to her experience as an actress.


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