100-Year-Old Woman Finally Marries Man 26 Years Old Younger After Three Decades Of Dating

Norah Witkiss has just broken the concept that it’s too late to get married, as she tied the knot at 100 years old. Better yet, she tied the knot to Malcolm Yates who is 26 years her junior. The duo has been dating for more than 30 years, as they first met at a sequence dancing class in the 80s. After three decades of dating, Malcolm decided that she was the one for him, popping the question earlier this year. Imagine if she was saving herself for marriage, just saying.

Credit: Daily Post Wales

The pair held their wedding reception in Prestatyn, North Wales, as Malcolm pushed her soon-to-be Mrs. Yates down the aisle in her wheelchair to Abba hit, ‘Dancing Queen’. After the reception, Norah talked to the Mirror and said:

To be a bride? Oh, it’s beautiful. It’s absolutely wonderful. Of course, it is worth the wait. I’d wait longer than that. There’s nothing he wouldn’t do for me.

I couldn’t do without Malcolm. He’s special, very special.

Credit: Daily Post Wales

Norah, who worked as a maid and a cook at a golf club, has already had two special days previously, as she got married to Fred Cook when she was 18, but he died in the 1970s. Later, she married Bert Witkiss for 16 years, but he also passed away in the late 80s. Speaking of her longevity, Nora said that the key is to keep being active:

I’ve had a very good life really, I’ve enjoyed it. I used to go out dancing with the girls, I liked it, especially if a chap picked you up.

Credit: Daily Post Wales

Malcolm, who is a former bus driver, seems certainly pleased to have picked her up on the dance floor, saying:

We met at modern sequence dancing. I couldn’t dance, but Norah was very good at it. She more or less taught me and helped bring me on.

He added that they had a very good life together, saying:

We went traveling a lot and would dance on holidays to Torquay. We liked the Cha-cha-cha the best. We’re always out and about together.

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