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TikTok Lookalike Of Ariana Grande Terrifies Fans

TikTok Lookalike Of Ariana Grande Terrifies Fans

We have another celebrity lookalike and everybody is too shook up! This time, we’re talking about a TikTok user who is, by now, the most authentic doppelganger of Ariana Grande.

Her name is Paige Niemann and she is 14 years old. Her uncanny resemblance to Ariana Grande has boosted her a huge number of social media followers, who are amazed by their similarities. The comparison of Paige to Ariana started by her peers when she was just 10 years old.

If you don’t believe us, see below for yourself:

Now, Paige has a whopping one million followers on TikTok, which means she has taken the internet by storm. The more she is sharing of her look, the more she is attracting.

Another similarity she and the 26-year-old singer share is that both are of Italian descent. Maybe, that’s where you can attribute their physical resemblance.


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If you’re wondering if Ariana Grande has seen her posts, well, yes, she has. She tweeted in response to a TikTok:

I just wonder whyyyy the cat voice / dialogue. I am sure she is the sweetest sweet sweetheart forreal !! but it’s definitley bizarre seeing people blend the two worlds lmao.

As for Ariana’s fans, many of them get offended when people try to copy Ariana in any aspect. However, there are many others who compliment people like Paige.


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See below another picture of Paige and her Halloween recreation of Ariana’s tour outfit. You can’t help but be amazed!

Will the real Ariana Grande please stand up?



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