It’s Time To Cut That Old Pair Of Jeans

There is something magic in denim that we all love. Is it the practicality or the fact that jeans and denim skirts can pair with any piece of clothing? Denim is always trendy and fashionable, but what’s great about it is that it never gets boring. Take your old pair of jeans for example. What do you do with it? Do you throw it away? Of course not! In the past, we used to make purses out of our old pair of jeans, but now, you can either make shorts or even better, a skirt! No sewing skills, no problem! Instagrammer Bruna Meireles, who goes by the name of mandadicas, will show you some innovative ways to turn your jeans into a spring skirt or a pair of shorts.

First of all, find a pair that you are not to shy to let go.

The rest is just a piece of cake.


Also, don’t forget about the details.

Details make everything perfect.




You now have a new skirt and you’ve spent zero cash.


A dream come true, especially in those tough days when you are just waiting for your paycheck.


Wait, wait! That’s not all!


Cut that pair that’s been sitting on in your closet like forever.


It’s time!


Bring life to your shorts


Watch the whole tutorial below and let us know what you think:

And a bonus one:

Hey, did you know why jeans have those tiny metal pieces attached to their pockets? Find out here.

Source: mandadicas