13 Times Things Weren’t What They Seemed

Why is our mind so fond of playing tricks on us? Or maybe it’s not playing tricks, maybe it’s just a little bit confused. Sometimes it is very hard to decipher what it is that you’re seeing, so our brain is either: 1) trolling us; or, b) it’a bit slow and needs a second before coming to the right conclusion. Whatever the case, very often it happens that we just throw a glance at something quite ordinary, and then we have to do a double take because what we saw is definitely not what we expected to see. You’d never expect to see a face on a milk jug or a ghost in a can of ice cream, and yet there they are. Check out these 13 photos, compiled by Diply, and see how many you recognize for what they are straightaway, without having your mind distracted by mere appearances.

1. Who you gonna call?

That ice cream sent a chill down my spine.


Source: Reddit | Elkoii

2. Oi! Get a room!

What a nice hug! Man, those pipes really love that house!


Source: Reddit | DrThinMint

3. Cat-o Ren

Have you ever wondered what Star Wars actor Adam Driver would look like if he were a cat? Wonder no more! This cat looks exactly like him!


Source: Reddit | KalKyl

The resemblance is uncanny!


4. Just a couple of pot-heads

Reason may tell you that it’s just that the burners are reflected on the pots, but who can listen to reason when it looks like those creepy pots are about to come alive and do something you’re definitely not gonna like?


Source: Reddit | OldManJenkins30

5. Cuteness overload

Can chocolate croissants be cute? Yes, if they look like a bunch of baby sloths all cuddled together!


Source: Reddit | gabbathehutt

6. That’s one chill dude

With every snowfall, the snow monster comes to sit on your porch with that immortal question written all over its face: “‘Sup, dude?”


Source: Reddit | DaLandon1786

7. Golden brown

This is a magic photo: once you’ve seen it, every time you look at fried chicken you’ll see golden brown puppies!


Source: Reddit | muttleydosomething

8. Freshly laundered pooch

I know what you thought: “why are you showing me a photo of some laundry?” Well, because what you may have thought was a white towel is actually an adorable sleeping dog!


Source: Cute Overload

9. Parenting goals

This is how babies in New Zealand are born.


Source: Reddit | Swapnil_Sood

10. Boooring!

That milk jug had had enough of being left all alone in the desert with nothing to do!


Source: Reddit | SSiirr

11. Baconite

That’s the most delicious-looking rock you’ll ever see!


Source: Reddit | madddetective

12. Yin and yang

This is what balanced meals are all about!


Source: Reddit | thisnameisrelevant

13. Ice-py with my little eye…

Well, on the upside, that’s the end of Slender Man. On the downside, you might get a heart attack when you see that…


Source: Reddit | whiteypoints
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