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Here Are A Few Tips On How To Apply Pencil Eyeliners

Here Are A Few Tips On How To Apply Pencil Eyeliners

I think we can all agree that out of all makeup processes, eyeliner is the hardest to do, right? With the exception of contour which is almost as difficult as this. But this article will be about eyeliner, and the complication it holds.

As a makeup fan, I know how much makeup means to a lot of people, and it really isn’t that easy to do. Eyeliner in specific, there’s just too much to understand, it takes a lot of practice. I have yet to meet a person that has had it down since the first time they’ve tried it. First, you need to know your eye shape and then proceed further, which you can read about it here. And then after you have got that covered there’s a bunch of steps you need to avoid in order to get it right.

By the time this article ends, it’s going to be a motivational piece because just like anything else in the world, this is something you can do.


Okay, we all know you can use different products to put eyeliner. There’s liquid eyeliner, gel liner, there are different tips you can use, hell, some even use eyeshadow to create a liner, and the one I personally consider the easiest to use: a pencil.

Is it as dramatic as a normal eyeliner would be? Well, it depends. Liveabout considers pencil liners not as pigmented as liquid liners but it does the job even though it’s not long-lasting. Let’s say it’s the first step before you grab a liquid liner. Just like at school where you use a pencil first and then a pen ( I actually love that analogy.)

Starting with eyeshadow, if you want a more intense look then apply your favorite shadows and grab your pencil liner and get to work.

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The thing about pencil eyeliner is the consistency of it is easier to work with. Let’s see some tips you can use when trying pencil liner.

Tip 1

Sharpen the pencils, this will assure a smooth application and plus it’s easier to draw a line across your lash line.

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Tip 2

Your eyeliner doesn’t need to be sharp and precise when you use a pencil liner, though it is up to you. And when you put it on, you can always smudge it which will result in a smokey look and who doesn’t like smokey eyes?

Tip 3

You can always have fun with colors when you use a pencil. Be bold and use a brown, or a blue because why not? They’re fun. If you want your eyes to look larger and more open, you can use a white or nude pencil liner in your waterline. Makeup is art and you can do whatever you feel like doing.

Tip 4

If you feel like you have made a mistake and want to wipe it away and fix it, take a cotton swab and carefully remove whatever imperfection and then reapply it. And we’re down to only trying and practicing. May you eyeliner be as even and as sharp as you want it to be.

And since you’re here and maybe you want to try liquid liner, you can read all about it here: Apply Liquid Eyeliner Perfectly With These Easy Steps

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