A Few Tips To Quickly Get Rid Of Cellulite

Cellulite is one of the most common problems almost every woman in the world is faced with. It’s not really pleasant to look at, it reduces your confidence, and, basically, you would do anything to get rid of it. But before we can discuss ways to eliminate the cellulite, we need to know what causes its appearance in the first place.


What causes cellulite?

The main reason for cellulite is bad food. It releases toxins into your body which weaken the elasticity of the skin and decrease the speed of blood circulation. To counter this effect, the best thing you can do is consume a lot of fruit and vegetables. The colorful kinds of fresh produce have a lot of antioxidant properties which are great for removing the toxins from your body.

What to eat?

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Berries: strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, or blackberries. Consume a combination of your favorite berries along with your morning cereal.

Banana and mango improve your blood flow, which is very important to prevent cellulite from appearing in the first place. Try to include either one in your meals.

Papaya is great for delaying the aging process because it protects the under-skin tissue from becoming damaged.

Vitamin C helps enhance the collagen in the skin. Collagen is the protein that makes your skin elastic, as well as firm and taut. Consume more food rich in vitamin C.

Oily fish, poultry, grapefruit, tomato, carrot and avocado are excellent for giving your skin more durability.

Diuretic foods also help fight cellulite. The body tends to retain fluid, but too much fluid can lead to cellulite. These foodstuffs will cause you to urinate more often which release you from the feeling of being bloated. So, you need to consume a lot of water, but also diuretics, such as cucumbers, celery, and asparagus.

What not to eat?

Being overweight and having cellulite are not necessarily related conditions. You can be overweight and not have cellulite and vice versa. However, the excessive fat deposits on your stomach or legs make the cellulite look much worse. That’s why it’s important to keep an eye on your weight and avoid food that contains a lot of fat.

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Fat-rich foods, as well as processed food such as sausage, cheeses, biscuit and cake, are very bad for your skin. The salt and sugar contained in them increase the levels of toxins in your body.

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But there is also ‘good’ fats which help combat cellulite. The best sources of these fatty acids are salmon, mackerel, and other kinds of fish. According to some studies, when you lose fat, you also lose cellulite.

Nuts also have a very positive effect on your body. They are rich in fatty acids, as well as fiber, which helps the digestive processes and the efficiency of waste removal.

When it comes to caffeine, some studies have shown that it contributes to the appearance of cellulite because of its effect on the blood flow and the acquisition of oxygen and important nutrients for the skin. Which is why it’s important that you limit your daily consumption of coffee, tea, and cola to no more than two cups.

Alcohol and cigarettes are also things you should steer clear of. Not only do these substances increase the levels of toxins in your body, but alcoholic beverages also contain a lot of sugar. In fact, it’s preferable that you stay away from sugar altogether. This way you will postpone the appearance of wrinkles and cellulite.

Also avoid consuming cereals, pasta sauce, and yogurt.

How to treat cellulite?

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There are numerous products claiming to be very efficient in the battle against cellulite. But there’s a catch: they’re very expensive. But don’t worry, there are ways to do it that don’t require splurging a lot of money. Here are a few tips.

In the morning before taking a shower, dry brush yourself. Start with your ankles and work your way towards your heart. This will increase your blood circulation, and eventually will help expel the toxins from your body.

People have been using papaya to treat cellulite for decades. You can use this fruit in more ways than just eating it. For example, you can rub papaya soap on the areas affected by cellulite. This will help break the lumps and bumps on your skin.

Last but not least, after you’ve bathed, soak your upper legs in cold water. This will increase the blood flow. Finish up by rubbing lotion on your legs.

What are the best exercises to fight cellulite?

While it’s impossible to completely eradicate cellulite by working out, it will definitely contribute significantly towards reducing your weight, improving your blood circulation, and making your body firmer and more toned. All three of these things are necessary weapons in the war against cellulite.

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Work your legs, butt, and hips by riding a bike or jogging.

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Two exercises that are excellent for reducing the cellulite on your butt and thighs are squats and lunges. These have the added benefit of not requiring any special equipment, and you can do them anytime anywhere.

How to correctly squat: start by standing up and placing your feet at a distance equal to the span of your hips. Don’t lean forward, keep your body weight on the heels of your feet. Now, sit down on an imaginary chair until you butt is about two feet from the floor. Then, push with your feet against the floor to straighten yourself up. Keep your balance by stretching your arms straight in front of you. Repeat twenty times.

How to correctly lunge: start in the same position as for a squat. With your hands placed firmly on your hips, make a forward step about three feet from your original position. Lower your body down: this will bend your front knee and lift your back foot off the ground. Stay in this position for a few seconds. Step back into your starting position. Repeat the process with the other leg. Fifteen reps per leg should be enough for one session.

Another great idea is to start taking martial arts classes. All that kicking will work wonders against your cellulite. Try some kickboxing, karate, taekwondo or Muay Thai lessons.

What to eat next week?

Make sure all your meals throughout the day are healthy. Eat three times a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner), and have at most two snacks. Drink one-and-a-half to two liters of water every day, but avoid tea and coffee. Here are a few options you can choose from for all of your meals.


  • Oats with any of the berries mentioned above.
  • Papaya with any kind of natural yogurt a few almond nuts.
  • Grapefruit (big), banana (big) and a few Brazil nuts.
  • A couple of slices of wheat bread (toasted) with baked beans.
  • Boiled egg with wheat bread and slices of apple.


  • Soup with carrots and coriander, and wheat pita.
  • Spinach, avocados and tomato sandwich (wheat bread)
  • Chicken salad
  • Scrambled eggs with tomato, with salad
  • Skinless mackerel with celery (chop), cucumber and tomatoes


  • Baked salmon with a couple of spoons of brown rice and a salad.
  • Baked potatoes with tuna slices, onions, salad and if you want, grated cheese
  • Tuna steak, broccoli, pepper and potato
  • Fried chicken with 3 kinds of veggies and wheat bread or noodles
  • Lean chicken meat (baked) with sweet potatoes, vegetables


  • Berries
  • an orange (or two)
  • hard boiled eggs (depending on the size)
  • oat bars with tuna
Source: wellnessbin

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