25 Tips And Tricks To Better Organize Your House

We are constantly searching for ways to improve our homes. And we are always faced with a number of different problems that seem to have no easy solution. How do I make more space to store stuff? Where do I put these cleaning supplies? I can’t stand the sight of tangled cables everywhere! Why isn’t there a gun that shoots condiments?

Good news! The answer to these and many other similar issues has been found, courtesy of brilliant inventors and designers from all over the world. Here is how you can bring perfect order to your house and make sure everything is arranged in the most efficient way possible. These 25 ideas, compiled by Diply, will amaze you with their simplicity and ingenuity.

1. Hide yo cords, hide yo phone

Phones, chargers, and cords don’t really have to stay on top of the counter or nightstand, now do they? They are quite unsightly, so keeping them hidden is your best option. And the easiest way to that is by installing outlets at the back of your drawers!


Source: Pinterest

2. Point blank range

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to shoot someone in the face with mustard? You have?! Weirdo… Anyway, now you can actually do that with this condiment gun! It doesn’t make a lot of sense, but it’s fun, so let’s roll with that…


Source: Bona Bona Toys

3. The tension is palpable

All that room in your cupboards that seemingly can’t ever be used doesn’t have to be wasted. Adding some tension rods will segment that extra space and allow you to make good use of it.


Source: Martha Stewart

4. Out of sight, out of mind

Litter box. Inside a cupboard. With a cat flap. Now you’re talking! You may even completely forget there is a litter box in there! No, no, don’t do that, don’t forget – you still need to clean it!


Source: Reddit | Grogg2000

5. You vs. counter clutter

Small countertop appliances are what you might call a necessary evil. They’re useful, but they take up too much space and make your countertop look messy and disorganized. So why not just stash them away in a cabinet like this?


Source: Design Dazzle

6. That’s a tall order!

When you’re trying to reach those high shelves but you’re coming up a bit short, just use a sliding ladder. It’s useful and it looks cool – it’s got no shortcomings!


Source: Imgur

7. Just hanging

You never seem to have enough space in your bathroom. But with these shelves that hang from a towel rack you will never again wonder where to put those spare rolls of toilet paper and the extra washcloths. But you may wonder where to put your towels.


Source: I See I Do I Make

8. Hung out to dry

This DIY fold-out drying rack takes up virtually no space! Every house needs one of these!


Source: Reddit | neurotic_economist

9. The tower of utility

This vertical kitchen contains everything you need to cook: a fridge, a sink, a microwave, an induction hob, a dishwasher, even a herb garden! And look how little floor space it needs!


Source: Yanko Design

10. The iron chamber

Keep your onions and potatoes fresh for a longer time with this metal drawer. It’s basically a crisper drawer for a cabinet!


Source: Reddit | manleedanlee

11. Under the sink

Just because you don’t have a cupboard enclosing your sink, it doesn’t mean that all that space under it is wasted. You can install a shelf under the pipes for extra towel storage space.


Source: Better Homes and Gardens

12. Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

You can’t place a normal drawer under the sink. But you can have one that goes around the pipes. It’s the perfect place to store cleaning supplies.


Source: Pinterest

13. It’s in the hole!

It’s a cutting board and it has a hole through which you can get rid of the waste super easily. Just remember to open the drawer with the bins as well…


Source: The Farm Chicks

14. Classy!

What a great idea to combine a big kitchen island with a very chic seating area!


Source: Ateliers Jacob Calgary

15. Waste naught!

No space must be left unused, not even the back of your cupboard doors!


Source: Better Homes and Gardens

16. The secret stash

What do you do if you have a very thin and secret compartment in your kitchen? Store the cleaning supplies of course!


Source: DIY Network

17. At long last

An age old debate finally settled. The foil doesn’t help to keep sour cream fresh, the plastic lid is more than fit to do that job!


Source: Reddit | pdxchris

18. The super sink

We’re in 2017 and someone’s already in 3017! Look at this multi-functional sink: you can wash stuff, chop stuff, and strain stuff with it. How cool is that?


Source: Reddit | fiddleandthedrum

19. Spicing things up

What do you get when you combine a spice rack with fridge magnets? Awesomeness.


Source: Poppy Parade

20. Cornered

The corner cabinet may seem like a waste of space, but these corner drawers are here to set things straight!


Source: Best Home Gallery

21. Keeping track

When you’re going for a nice cup of hot coffee the last thing you want is to find out it’s so stale it might as well have been prepared last week! So keeping track of when it was made is a brilliant idea and all you need is a couple of styrofoam cups!


Source: Imgur | ronswanson1100

22. This helps in great measure

Keep your measuring cups and spoons neatly organized with this simple DIY idea.


Source: Tidbits From The Tremaynes

23. Hiding in plain sight

This hidden panel on the side of your kitchen cabinets has just enough space to hang your keys and keep other small items.


Source: Hunted Interior

24. Pull-out pantry

You can use this to store canned goods and dry ingredients. It’s neat and organized, and the best thing is, when you don’t need it you can tuck it in and out of your way.


Source: Better Homes And Gardens

25. Rolling in the deep

You can get a garbage bag more easily if you take the roll out of its box and keep it on a rack, kind of like toilet paper. Keep it out of sight by placing it under the kitchen sink.


Source: Simply Organized
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