Toddler Steals Mom’s Show In A Lifetime Audition And Has Everybody Up On Their Feet

It is no strange for children to follow their parents’ career paths. Since a very young age, we tend to first act like our parents, learn how to speak from them and even want to imitate and be like them in whatever they do. However, later in the adult world, most of the times we tend to understand that it was just a childhood obsession and we actually would like to do something else with our lives. Sometimes, the relation is reciprocal as growing in a family of teachers they would expect you to be a teacher as well. On the other hand, growing in a family of doctors, they would also expect you to be a doctor.

Whatever the case is, it would be a bit strange to see a child following her mother’s steps since a very, very young age. The video we’re going to show is going to prove you the contrary.  A two-year-old ballerina got everybody’s attention while on a dancing competition TV show. Her mother had to compete, but it was the 2-year-old who stole the show.

Toddler in a Lifetime Audition

No doubt this little princess aspires to be a dancer just like her mother when she grows up. Her moves on stage weren’t professional, but her adorable performance entertained everybody in the public and the judges as well. In the end, everyone was up on their feet and showered her with applause.

Toddler in a Lifetime Audition

It was after the audition was over when the little girl ran onto the stage and gave her mommy a hug. Then she whispered something on her ear, and mommy nodded back. Guess what she said? She wanted to dance on stage herself as well, and her mom asked the judges so they affirmed.

To see more from this impromptu, yet adorable performance check out this video below:

Source: The interesting Movie

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