Details About The Upcoming Real-Life Tom And Jerry Movie Have Been Revealed

As it was officially announced last year, the Tom and Jerry movie will begin filming this summer. Moreover, the live-action story details have been leaked and it seems like we will be getting just the same iconic cat and mouse duo that we have come to love in the past. Tim Story is on board to helm the project after wrapping up his work on the latest movie of the Shaft franchise, which is also for Warner Bros.


Even though we still don’t have a specific production start date, we do have a synopsis for the story, and from the looks of it, it’s happening. There will be a real-life Tom and Jerry story. Here’s what the synopsis reads:

Jerry the mouse lives within the walls of a large, New England country home where he’s befriended the longtime owners, a loving elderly couple. Their unique, comedic friendship comes to an end after the elderly couple passes on and their house is put up for sale.

Moreover, it continues:

When a young family moves in, Jerry’s determined to scare them away from taking over his home. The family quickly adopts a stray cat named Tom to help rid them of their pest problem.

Lots of teamwork:

In an epic battle for the house, Tom & Jerry soon discover their growing adoration for the family and must work together to protect them from an outside threat. Through their teamwork, they both learn the ultimate value of family and friendship.

The beloved characters were first created and introduced back in 1940 by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, and the duo has starred in a lot of cartoons ever since. Over the years, the cat and the mouse have been on many adventures, including an animated movie in 1992, and several other DVD movies in 2002.

Source: T & J

Since Tom and Jerry do not speak in the cartoons, that will carry on in the upcoming movie too, meaning that there is going to be a lot of physical comedy, a thing they are most famous for. Seeing Tom and Jerry interact with the real world already sounds like such an exciting idea. An idea that Warner Bros. is making sure it turns out perfectly, with all the live-action team and animation team doing wonders. This idea sounds the same as Disney’s with their live-action adaption of The Lion King, which has actually backfired since all of the characters are CGI. Make sure you follow us to get more news on the upcoming movie, as we will be sharing everything we know.


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