Top Performances That Shocked Coaches In The Voice Auditions

As a music fan, I would totally say that “I listen to everything that pleases my ear“, not that I have a favorite genre or singer but I tend to “discover” new songs and artists on YouTube almost every day. Often times, I am served with videos from The Voice and that is yet another way how I come to find out about new vocalists. Many of them tend to be great and sing even original songs they have written themselves.

What about you? Would you like to see some of the best performances of The Voice audition over the world compiled in one video? Follow me to hear about those vocals that made the most compelling case for a spot in the Top 10:


2013. Harrison Craig – Broken Vow

No doubt he won the second series of The Voice of Australia back in 2013, as he was coached by the British singer Seal.

top performances in the voice


The judge discussing whether it’s the time to push that button!



top performances in the voice



2016. Fernando Daniel – Dancing on My Own

I quite remember Fernando Daniel when he sang Adele’s song “When we were young” I used to listen it all the time. If you go through that song on youtube, you will find that it is watched more than 49 million times. Fernando has a magical voice and many were saying that he sang Adele’s song better than the singer herself. No doubt he won the fourth edition of The Voice of Portugal, which took place in 2016.


2018. Naranchimeg.A  – “Piece by Piece”

She sang in the newest Audition of the voice. The song “Piece by Piece” is originally sung by Kelly Clarkson in The Voice of Mongolia 2018. She hasn’t won The Voice yet but it’s one of the favorites for many!

top performances in the voice


Here is the video consisting 10 performances compiled in one place:

Source: The Voice Legendary


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