Traveling Couple Is Slammed After Posting “Life-Threatening” Infinity Pool Photo

In this epoch of Instagram, we come to see many beautiful photos that not only make our days but sometimes even make us envious about these strangers’ lives. They all look fun and joy in social media like they’re living the best moments ever.

Many traveling couples are posing entertaining content, while they are daring to take the roads less traveled by, capturing these places, then serving the photos in our feeds.

While some of these couples acquire many followers continuously, as we praise and like their posts, some of the people among these followers will always have something to complain about.

One of these photogenic couples is Kelly and Kody. They are a traveling couple who share their adventures on Instagram under the name positraveltyMost of their photos are taken on different beaches around the world.

The couple shared a picture at the beginning of April. And this post shows the pair kissing while Kelly hangs over the side of an infinity pool, with nothing but a hefty drop beneath her. And as you might imagine, people went on to criticize the couple for daring to risk the girl’s life for simply an outstanding Instagram shot.

Traveling couple Infinity Pool Photo
Photo Credit: positravelty/Instagram

One of the followers commented:  ‘WTF? Risk life for a photo…’ Another one said: ‘Is it normal I’m getting anxiety attacks from looking at this?’

The third one said:

Photo Credit: positravelty/Instagram

Another one added that this shot is pretty dangerous:

Traveling couple Infinity Pool Photo
Photo Credit: positravelty/Instagram

Kelly and Kody were prompted to reply to these negative comments. This is what Kelly said:

It was a blast setting this up. Kody had a very good hold of me. We trust each other entirely. It was such an amazing feeling to have this come out exactly as we planned. We are safe and sound.

The couple has more than 62.k followers and one of their photos taken in Indonesia recently gained more than 7000 likes.


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Photo Credit: positravelty

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