Have You Tried Collagen Masks?

It’s hard to keep track these days with all the beauty products coming out, don’t you think? However, some things are (meant to be) staples and such are the collagen masks that seem to work wonders on your skin.

According to vlogger Luisa Simona, who apparently knows her stuff since she has as many as 144k followers on Instagram, some of the many benefits of using them is help with darks circles and skin rejuvenation.

“I haven’t tried it on myself ,” she says in her caption of the video that has amassed close to 500k views since July, “but my mom said she actually felt her skin more fresh and glowing.”

She uses that little roller thingy that you’ll see in the video for her acne scars, but she says it also stimulates collagen and helps with better absorption of creams and serums. And you know how amazing serums can be.

Also, pro tip from Luisa: lip masks can do wonders for your eyes. However, do make sure to consult a dermatologist or a beautician first on that one.

Source: Luisa Simona