16 Tried-Out Pregnancy Hacks To Make You Feel Comfortable

Pregnancy is an incredible part of a woman’s life. All those hormones somehow make you feel special and untouched by any negative thoughts, but once the baby bump grows, you begin to feel a bit uncomfortable. Some pregnancies are easy, and yet, some require a lot of patience and endurance. And they sure last long! But once you get into it, 9 months will fly by! Here are some of the best tried-out pregnancy hacks that will make you and that tiny baby comfortable and happy, courtesy of Diply.

1. Throw your bra in the freezer

It might feel like a crazy thing to do, but, trust me, it’s the ultimate solution for a large and sweaty bosom. Especially in the summer months! What a relief.


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2. Soak swollen hands and feet in tonic water

It’s easy! You just need that tonic water from the grocery store cooled at room temperature.


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3. Use nasal strips for a good night’s sleep

Pregnant women get congested because of the extra inflammation happening in their bodies. That’s why they have difficulty breathing and sleeping. Nasal strips are the solution!


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4. Innertubes are perfect for napping!

If you are a stomach sleeper, this one is perfect for you!


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5. Use an elastic to extend your current wardrobe instead of buying maternity clothes…

…if you feel like maternity pants are a waste of money!


Source: diy maternity

6. Cut the bottom off a tank top to extend it

The moment your belly starts poking out, rock this awesome piece of clothing!


Source: Pinterest | Samantha Boudreau

7. Stretchy yoga pants

Look for a pair with a fold-down waist and you will able to wear them every single day with ease.


Source: For The Love Of Fancy

8. Use bra extenders

Your boobs and rib cage are getting bigger so you might as well use your old bra and save money for when the baby comes.


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9. Create a “baby belt” with kinesiology tape

When you apply it properly, this tape will provide support to your overextended muscles. It will also help you with reducing back pain, sciatica, and even diastasis recti (separation of the abdominal muscles).


Source: theratape

10. Sit on an exercise ball

They will make that back pain disappear and they even help widen your hips to facilitate delivery. Also, they are a lot of fun!


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11. Prepare your freezer with some postpartum padsicles

Your lady parts will be grateful.


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12. Here are some other sprays you can use

The combination of witch hazel, aloe vera, and the two essential oils helps reduce swelling, irritation, and pain. The healing process will be much faster with these at hand.


Source: Instagram | @healthylivingwithlo

13. Make some electrolyte pops for when you feel nauseous

Keep hydrated at all times!


Source: Everyday Roots

14. Create your own morning sickness kit

It’s always better to be prepared, especially if need to go to work in the morning.


Source: Mainstay Doulas & Co

15. Pick up an extra long shoe horn

Because bending will not be possible, ladies!


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16. You might as well need a reaching stick

These might turn out to be your lifesavers!


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Here are some more pregnancy hacks for the mothers-to-be.

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