Pictures Which Will Trigger Your Trust Issues

You can lead a life of believing one thing after another and then one event happens and boom… The trust is broken, nothing means the same anymore, and you look at everything with doubt. In a world of rapid changes and messages all around to push you forward to achieve your dreams, are on one hand very inspiring and good, but on the other, it is making people forget about the real deal in life. Making your dreams come true, whatever they might be, becoming famous, becoming rich, or whatsoever; doesn’t mean you have to walk over on people’s feelings and emotions.

Lying and betraying others does no good to you neither. This world suffered enough already to be having to endure more lying and cheating, yet, people are not being fair to one another. Using different tricks and techniques to benefit for their own good by fooling others is a thing thirsty people continue to do. None of us would choose to be fooled willingly, but plenty chooses to fool others for their own benefit, willingly.

White lies are called white because they are used with the intention to protect the other person from the harsh truth which might harm them; even though in my personal opinion, lies won’t protect anyone, it will just delay the time of the truth kicking in. Which of course, will lead to a worse hurting. But black lies, oh man, they are the worse. Those are used when one is selfish enough to care to feed only their own ego and get what they want without even caring how the other is going to feel afterward. Today we are listing for you cases when people got fooled and betrayed in different cases, by buying false products. Maybe you can feel one of these on a personal level.


1. Impeccable towel stacking by department stores’? It’s a scam-scam-scam (echoes in the distance).



2. Twinkies can rot and here’s the evidence.



3. Check twice for calcium. Check three or four times if you want, you ain’t finding it.



4. Added lies or what do you call this?



5. Get this straight dude: Your entire life, you’ve been opening your Tic Tacs wrong. Oops.



6. Those eyes of yours are not lying you. Nah.


7. Add a comment about this ____________________

trust issues pictures


8. Subway $5 foot-long sandwiches are a joke because you’re hungry… so hungry… that’s why you buy them, otherwise…

trust issues pictures


9. Now I get it why I’m never filled with noodles.



10. Is the only difference here the price? Duh.

trust issues pictures

Then are you asking me not to have trust issues? Oh, boy…


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