Try These Friendly-Freckles Makeup Tips To Accentuate Them Even More

Freckles are a trend these days. And people are using makeup to put them on even though they don’t have them. Now having freckles you might make you think should I put makeup on and cover them or should I not?

The answer is quite simple. You can do whatever you feel like it’s best for you.

Before we start this article let me just say something, embrace your freckles, there are people out there tattooing faux freckles why would you want to conceal them? Instead, try these tips which can help you do your makeup easier.


1. Choose a lighter foundation

Choosing the right foundation is stressful whether you have freckles or not. But in this case, find a foundation that’s sheer and will not cover your freckles beneath.

try friendly freckles makeup tips accentuate them



In case you want for lipstick to be visible and popping when you put it on, try lining your entire lips with lip liner then apply lipstick. Of course, finding a lipstick that suits you and your skin colour.

Lip gloss is also perfect if your lips are marked with freckles and you want them to be shown.

try friendly freckles makeup tips accentuate them


3.Sheer products

Sheer makeup products are your new best friend. If you want to accentuate your freckles look for foundations, concealer, blushes or bronzers that won’t conceal them, instead they will make your makeup look fresh and natural. try friendly freckles makeup tips accentuate them

Since we’re talking about bronzing always use a fluffy brush. Bronzing your skin with a small brush will only leave a mark on the cheek. Sometimes using too much bronzer over freckles can look muddy or too much. Always with a light hand try picking up less product and building it up if you need more. Remember it’s easier to put makeup on top to darken it up then to erase it and start all over again.

try friendly freckles makeup tips accentuate them



While contouring can be a little overwhelming, the colours, the shape of your face, it can be difficult. So be careful when and if you want to contour. Go light-handed and be very attentive.
try friendly freckles makeup tips accentuate them

That being said these are some tips you can use if you want your freckles to be shown even if you have makeup on. But always reminding yourself that you can use as much makeup as you feel comfortable.

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