16 Tumblr Posts That Will Make You Laugh Every Time

Tumblr is the deepest, darkest, weirdest, but also the most wonderful place on the Internet. It is the site where you go if you don’t want to get any work done. Once there, you fall down a rabbit hole of hilarious GIFs, witty reply threads, dedicated fandoms, unique memes and, as everyone who has visited the website knows – there is no going back.

Here are 16 Tumblr post that made us laugh harder than we should have, compiled by Diply.

1. No one would be better as mother earth than Dwayne The Rock


Source: Reddit | AngeryDoggo666

2. This joke is used by a lot of campuses, but this time someone took it seriously

Well, you’re definitely not going to see it coming… no pun intended.


Source: Reddit | frenzy3

3. History as told by the students of Tumblr

No one was with Karl Max 24/7, he might have said this. You don’t know.


Source: Reddit | Laufey-_-

4. What do you have against your teeth?

Calm down, pal!


Source: Reddit | Coffeechipmunk

5. Sometimes Tumblr can be very educational

Poor creature.


Source: Reddit | dormantconsumer

6. Not following the latest fashion trends

That’s a sin.


Source: Reddit | crushtickly

7. Plays on words are always appreciated and welcomed

We all have a love-hate relationship with Tumblr.


Source: Reddit | Coffeechipmunk

8. Thank you, Captain Obvious

Ask a simple question, ya get a simple answer!


Source: Reddit | SymphonyBittersweet

9. What kind of a game is this?


Source: Reddit | angrybirds65

10. Don’t forget to proofread everything you wrote at 5 A.M

I think it’s pretty clear.


Source: Reddit | Themaleslayer

11. Feeling nostalgic?

Tumblr is there to solve all the mysteries from your favorite childhood movies.


Source: Reddit | Matriss

12. I am honest

This would make one hell of a Tinder profile, I bet. “Three things about me you should know…”


Source: Reddit | frenzy3

13. There is no going back now

You’ll probably have to wait for the thing to load, and if you try exiting too fast it freezes!


Source: eBaum’s World

14. People on this site are clever

Maybe even too clever for their own good.


Source: Imgur | beabetterperson

15. Curiosity killed the cat


Source: The Chive

16. Sometimes Tumblr hits you in the feels

The commentary on movies, shows, and games is always gold and maybe too real.


Source: Instagram | @thebestoftumblrofficial
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