Step-By-Step Tutorial: Learn How To Crochet A Butterfly Cord

Crocheting seems to be the old-new crafty thing that a lot of people are addicted to. It is pretty easy once you start and practice and even if you are new to the crochet world there are a plethora of different tutorial videos on the Internet that will help you master this skill. Of course, you can also choose to buy different clothing items for your family and for your but to create one yourself is much more fun, right? There is an enormous variety to choose from, including different animal-inspired blankets or baby outfits and even some tiny adorable crocheted animals for the youngest ones in your family.

cord 3

Today, thanks to Blossomfully, we are learning who to create adorable butterflies and a butterfly cord. Even though it might sound really challenging at first, you will find the tutorial video below pretty helpful. YouTube channel, Sheruknittingcom that has more than 485K subscribers to date, has shared this effective video that has more than 1.5M views to date.

cord 1

This is a pretty awesome pattern, especially for those who aren’t really experts so they can practice creating first smaller items like this and then maybe they will opt for creating huge fun and animal-inspired blankets. These butterfly crochet patterns are really popular. The video will show you how to crochet a butterfly with flat wings and the puff stitch body. You can use these adorable crocheted butterflies on many different items like clothes or pillows or maybe blankets. But, also you can crochet a cord made of this butterflies.

cord 2

Watch the full video below that will demonstrate two different ways to create a butterfly cord.

Source: Sheruknittingcom
From: blossomfully