Every TV Show Has These: The Worst Episodes From Popular Shows

Nowadays people are addicted to the sweet, intriguing hit of excitement they get from their favorite TV shows. Which is quickly becoming every TV show ever. Your wife is giving birth? JUST ONE MORE EPISODE.

Anyways, every TV show has that one (or two, or three) terrible episode that makes you go “What the hell did I just watch?” Well, thanks to CollegeHumor, today we’ll tell you which episode to NOT watch, out of these otherwise eight great shows.

The following episodes? Just skip ’em.

1. Christopher (The Sopranos)


You know what happens when you let a member of the cast write an episode? A terrible episode gets made, that’s what.

2. Co-Pilot (The Shield)


Just as thing get ramped up in The Shield, “Co-Pilot” happens. It’s like getting hit in the face with a big sack of boredom. Basically, it intends to act as a sort of prequel for the entire TV show. But it fails, miserably. Besides being shoehorned in the middle of the season’s action.

3. Here Comes the Son (Gilmore Girls)


Apparently, there’s this thing called a “backdoor pilot” – when a TV show has a weird, out of place episode that follows one of their characters to a seemingly unrelated event or situation. Doesn’t make sense? Of course it doesn’t! Because it’s actually intended to be a PILOT for a possible spin-off show or a new series altogether. It’s why it’s called a “backdoor pilot”, and the “Here Comes the Son” episode in the Gilmore Girls was exactly that.

4. Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken (Game of Thrones)

Ramsey continuing to be evil after he was cutting off penises and hunting women like dogs in previous episodes. Sansa getting more misery. Nothing new here, right? Well, the real failure of this episode is that it failed with showing the ‘new’ part – Dorne. It all amounted to one badly choreographed fight.

5. Beer Bad (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Source: Laura Arakaki

Being a rather long show, it’s kinda logical that it has more bad episodes than most. But during Season 4, ONE episode really blew it. The problem? “Beer Bad” was actually made to collect government funds for showing an anti-drugs message. But the episode was so bad that it even failed in getting those easy money.

6. Stranger in a Strange Land (Lost)

Source: blue2005

Say what you want about Lost, but at least it was continuously fun and it kept you guessing. But then there’s this episode, which can be summed up as “Good doctor Jack gets his first tattoo” episode. This didn’t tie in in any way to the rest of the story and was never revisited.

7. Isaac and Ishmael (West Wing)


See, in the fictional United States of America in The West Wing, 9/11 never happened. But when it DID happen in real life, the show was suddenly thrown off balance, sticking out like a sore thumb, looking blind to social context. So, the solution? The writers decided to quickly correct this by writing an episode where a threat similar to 9/11 happens in the show, just so they can start talking about terrorism for a while. It was improvisation at its finest, or perhaps, worst.

8. Black Market (Battlestar Galactica)


This episode was so terrible that even Ron Moore, the show’s creator apologized for it. He once said he was “positively angry with myself at something I knew in my bones had fallen well below the bar I set for myself and for the show in general.” I’ll just leave it at that. Wait, no I won’t – it’s basically an episode about child slavery that went unnoticed… while there are only a couple of thousands of humans left. And all in one place. And no one noticed their kids were slaves. Yup. Just kill it with fire.

From: collegehumor

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