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12+ Tweets About Christmas That’ll Make You Both Laugh And Go “Aww”

12+ Tweets About Christmas That’ll Make You Both Laugh And Go “Aww”

Okay now that Halloween is over, we all know that it’s finally time to start counting down for Christmas.

YouTuber Alfie Deyes gets it.

Alright this tweet is from over a week ago, which means we’re now even closer to Christmas (41 days, as of November 14, to be exact.) There’s really no better time of the year than the holidays. They even make the biting cold and snow well worth it.

Nothing beats walking around town and seeing lights on all the shop windows, massive Christmas trees decorated in the streets, Santas taking pictures with children in the mall, and of course, all the holiday music on repeat everywhere! Even the Christmas sweaters, ugly as they may be, add to the warm feeling.

So yes, most people probably love Christmas, don’t deny it. But we also know just how stressful it can sometimes be, especially if you’re going back home where you’ll be surrounded by all your relatives asking deeply personal questions (no, I haven’t found a nice man yet, aunt Carol, mind your own business!).

And who better to show both the beauty and the frustration of the holiday season than people on the Internet? Scroll down to see some of the best tweets about Christmas that’ll definitely pull a giggle out of you, and some that’ll make you go “aww”.

1. It’s never too early for Christmas


2. Never!

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3. Person: “How extra are you for Christmas?” Me:


4. Interrupting Christmas cheer for a small break of stuffing our faces in food


5. Well okay then.


6. Is it really Christmas without a little chaos?


7. Well, it really depends on your family dynamics, I guess…


8. How do they even get through life being so lame?


9. Hi!!! I brought cookies!


10. Rude.


11. But at least he got a song…


12. The struggles…


13. This is so pure!

14. Don’t we all girl?


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