12+Tweets That You Can Relate To If You Have A Boyfriend

Having a boyfriend is having someone who listens to you, supports you in every thing you do, aaand you can actually be disgusting in front of him, and he won’t care. It’s good knowing someone has your back. Life becomes instantly more exciting. Of course, only if you are a part of a healthy relationship. But girls, let’s be honest- they can be so clueless sometimes. And you can’t help but Tweet about it! Below there’s a list of Tweets I’m sure you can relate to. Take a look!

1. This hurts a lot! Like seriously, are we napping together or not?!

@Devinishiki / Twitter / Via Twitter: @Devinishiki


2. They leave us alone, and then they dare to snoree!!!

3. Umm, excuse me, why don’t you get your own bag?!

4. Do I look like I know?!


5. Someone has to know what’s going on!!

6. So true!

7. Seriously, why do they do this!

8. Just making sure!


9. It must suck being just a sausage!

10. That’s me on my period!

11. When you can’t stop gushing over him!

12. Sometimes dreams come true…

@Briannacbaby / Twitter / Via Twitter: @Briannacbaby


13. Some relationships are like that.

14. 2* actually

15. My best babyyyy!

I can relate to every single one of these! What about you?

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