One In A Million – The Two Twins Who Have Different Skin Color

You know how we can tell two people are twins? Well, by them looking practically identical! But one time in a million, they’d turn out so different that they’ll even have different skin colors!

And this is exactly what happened to one couple in England, as Providr reports. Life turned the genetic lottery wheel, and they hit jackpot – two beautiful daughters, one chocolate and one vanilla!

Look how adorable they are!


The cuties are called Lucy and Maria Aylmer, and they were born in Gloucester, England. Being twins they sure look alike, but their differences are immediately obvious! This comes down to the fact that their parents possess different genetic heritage – their dad is completely white, while their mom is half Jamaican.

Born on the same day, with their ancestors hailing from different places.


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Growing up, the twins didn’t have it easy. Events span from Maria wanting her sister’s straight hair, and Lucy being bullied by kids in school telling her she was adopted. But now they’re all grown up, each having her own identity and personality, with their twin, sisterly bond as strong as ever.

The two may look different but are inseparable.


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Needless to say, the two have become social media celebrities, sort of! It is a phenomenon that fascinates us, and at the same time makes us explore our prejudices. It’s not something that happens every day, and besides, they have three more siblings, who are all of the same color, by the way.

Scientists say having twins with different skin colors is a ”1 in a million’ occurrence.


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Recently, the sisters appeared on Good Morning Britain, where they talked about their life. They shared the fact that even though their mother dressed them the same, they wanted to form their own styles as early as the age of seven!

And while some people still judge each other on the basis of their skin color, the two sisters found it a unifying factor.


Source: providr

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