14 Roles Played By Twins In Hollywood That You Probably Never Noticed

There are a lot of twins who played the same character in certain movies, and we bet that you don’t know or have ever even noticed them if you saw them. Of course, we all know about the famous pair Zack and Cody to Fred and George, but there are more. Move over, Mary-Kate and Ashley. It’s finally about time that you start recognizing the other twins who played the same character in Hollywood. Take a look at the list below, courtesy of Diply.

1. Marcus in Orange Is The New Black

In season 1, we see Laverne Cox’s character, Sophia Burset’s life outside the prison and on the flashbacks show her before her gender transition. She worked as a fireman and went by the name Marcus but many don’t know that it was her twin brother who played that role.


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2. Abel Teller from Sons of Anarchy

Abel spent his earliest days very sick and as he got healthier he learned about the crime family that he was born into. But he was played by twins Evan and Ryder Londo. They took different roles when playing Abel depending on the more sensitive or action-based scenes.


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3. Xander from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

When Xander is hit by a spell in season 5, it splits him into a weak and a strong version of himself. But the other version was played by his twin brother Kelly. He also often played his body double.


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4. Claire Kincaid from Law & Order

Claire Kincaid appears in over 70 episodes of Law & Order. Fans might be surprised though to know now that she is not always played by Jill Hennessy. While getting busier with her career, her twin sister Jacqueline Hennessy came for help.


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5. Baby William from The X-Files

Even though she was told that she would never have children, Dana Scully gave birth to William. But he was played by twins Travis and James Riker which didn’t know they played the role until they were 7 years old.


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6. Baby Harry Potter in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

The baby version of The Boy Who Lived was played by two boys and a girl? Their names were kept secret so we don’t have much information about the triplets.


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7. Lily from Modern Family

Lily Tucker-Pritchett is the adopted daughter of Mitch and Cam on Modern Family. Jaden and Ella Hiller played Lily for 36 episodes but then they were taken from their parents who thought that they weren’t enjoying acting.


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8. Sarah Connor in Terminator 2: Judgement Day

In 1991, Linda Hamilton blessed us with her badass female character. But near the end of the movie where the T-1000 takes on Sarah’s form to lure out John and this imitation is played by her twin sister, Leslie.


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9. Court from The Man In The Moon

Before the Legally Blonde, Reese Witherspoon broke our hearts in The Man In The Moon. Her character and her sister both pine for the local dreamboat named Court. But Jason London was only on the role after being dragged by his twin brother Jeremy.


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10. The street crowd from The Matrix

Morpheous and Neo walk through a busy downtown street where most of the people look identical. Yes, the directors hired as many twins as they could find.


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11. Lewis (the guard) from Terminator 2: Judgement Day

The Stanton twins played the security guard who dies from unfortunate eye wound in the movie where the Terminator takes the human form of Lewis.


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12. The ticket girl from The Twilight Zone (1960)


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13. Sly from Baby Geniuses

Sly was played by triplets; Leo, Gerry and Myles Fitzgerald. They look very handsome now and all three of them are into sports, especially hockey.


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14. Emma Geller-Green on Friends

While Dylan and Cole Sprouse played Ross’s son Ben on Friends, Emma was played by Noelle and Cali Sheldon. Their mom didn’t let them watch the episodes until they were thirteen. They are still actors to this day.


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