Twix And Mars Bar Hot Chocolate Pods From Aldi Are Everything We Need Right Now

We are already preparing for Easter Eggs, however, with the cold weather outside, we might be having a sweet tooth for just a little bit longer. I swear there’s nothing better than snuggling up in the warm while it’s snowing outside and having a hot chocolate.

Well, looks like the budget supermarket Aldi has answered our prayers since it is stocking Twix and Mars Bar hot chocolate pods for those treat-yourself days at home.

Twix Pods. Credit: Mars

The pack of eight chocolate pods that comes at a £2.99 price, is the perfect way to beat those winter blues. The Mars Bar hot chocolate drinks are described as the perfect combination of chocolate, nougat, and caramel, just like the original treat.

Plus, according to the package, the chocolate pods are compatible with Dolce Gusto coffee machines, even though you may be able to use them in other similar designs too.

Mars Pods. Credit: Mars

As long as your machine is compatible, you can add whichever kind of milk you like to the chocolate pods. Moreover, Mars has also created Milky Way hot chocolate pods.  By the looks of it, people on social media seem to love the drinks, with one person tweeting:

I am all over these.

While another wrote:

I’d like to say that dolce gusto twix hot chocolate pods and galaxy instant hot chocolate are the best on the market at the moment.

In other good news just like this one, you can also get Maltesers and Galaxy hot chocolate pods at other supermarkets.

Credit: Mars

Plus, a Maltesers cake that is flavored with malt and slathered with chocolate buttercream looks heavenly. The portion is enough for 16 people and will be in ASDA starting January 28. Plus, it’s a bargain, coming at £14, that equates to just 84p a portion.

Christmas is over, but with the freezing temperatures, you have every excuse to get the chocolate indulgence you want and deserve.


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Source: Ladbible