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12+ Unexpected Moments That Made Wedding Photos Even Better

12+ Unexpected Moments That Made Wedding Photos Even Better

One might spend months planning their wedding day, but still, there are those unscripted moments that will remain as most unforgettable. See below some epic moments captured in the camera, and we’re sure that they will put a smile on your face:


1. Church Photo

The planking pastor behind will never forget the fact that laying stomach-down was once a thing.

Source: Imgur via awhiteghost


2. Crosswalk wedding picture

And anybody can be a passerby. Wait, even the actor Zach Braff? Probably.

Source: Sascha Reinking Photography


3. The one with the rainbow parasail

Well, this rainbow parasail upstaged the bride in this picture.

Source: Neil GT Photographer


4. Are you looking for someone?

Let me see these strangers as they photograph!

Source: Reddit


5. Enough is enough!

Ah, these wedding ceremonies. They are so long, I’m bored!

Source: Dory L. Touhey


6. JOY Photobomb

He is celebrating this joy while getting some air!

Source: Imgur via Sangerous


7. Whale’s Blessing!

This is a photobomb!

Source: Reddit


8. What are these people doing?

He is probably being called by his parents to stop…but children are children!

Source: Brian Dorsey Studios


9. A wedding at the sea

Just to let you know, this guy looks more excited than the people that are getting married!

Source: Ellentube


10. Llama photo

No matter what we say about it, this photo is so beautiful!

Source: Caroline Tran


11. When a horse interrupts

Bringing a whole new meaning to the picture!

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Source: Ashley Durham Photography


12. I want to do what nobody has done

Celebrating literally a leap of faith in this big day!

Source: Del Sol Photography


13. May I pass Sir?

At least it made the groom and bride smile!

Wedding Photos

Source: Del Sol Photography


14. Owl Face

It’s all about the timing they say.

Source: Imgur via Patgtc


15. Bridesmaid one

Huh, I wish the wedding kisses were short…

Wedding Photos

Source: Imgur via SunnySideScrambled



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