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12+ Unexpected Things Found Inside Random Objects That Will Leave You Confused

12+ Unexpected Things Found Inside Random Objects That Will Leave You Confused

Finding unusual things in unexpected places has the potential to either go really right or really, really wrong. For example, you wouldn’t want to find a creepy doll on the bottom corner of your closet when you know there are no dolls in your house, but you are pleasantly surprised to find a forgotten five-dollar bill on the pocket of a jacket you haven’t worn in months.

Sometimes, we come across unexpected things completely by accident, sometimes we go looking for them, and other times, it’s really a mix between the two. We go around poking at something and end up with something we really didn’t think we’d get. Like the people in the pictures below who found unexpected things inside other things. A lot of them, and often really strange – scroll down to see:


1. A laptop with a hidden ruler inside

Source: © Nickster_345/reddit


2. A phone case which seems to have been made with old toothpaste boxes

Source: © Theultravisitor/reddit


3. This sad toy, hidden inside a happy one which looks like it’s a metaphor for all of us

Source: © jpellizzi/reddit


4. Well, someone with a serious sweet tooth would have ended up sorely disappointed

Source: © magnum1923/pikabu


5. Here’s if you ever wondered what snap bracelets are made of

Source: © Minormorin/imgur


6. And clotheslines are apparently made with some sort of Mickey Mouse fabric

Source: © DamnItDarin/reddit


7. This bocce ball has pool balls inside

Source: © cbnimble/reddit


8. As does this cue ball

Source: © FLORIDUH/imgur


9. This bra who just wants to support and love you

Source: © Chegevarik/reddit


10. This is making me want to check all my tables

Source: © _littlekidlover_/reddit


11. The perfect moment to lie to someone and say they ate a pregnant grape

Source: © GymPowers/reddit


12. And this cookie monster (which the dog destroyed) had a heart inside

Source: © pizzapost/reddit


13. If you’ve ever wondered what the inside of a golf ball looks like

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Source: © Spud_fAce/reddit


14. Or the inside of a bowling ball

Source: © elmielmosong/reddit


15. A big screwdriver handle seems to be just a little one stuffed inside a larger one

Source: © shafthurtsalot/reddit


16. This broken frog lawn decoration revealed two snowmen inside, strangely enough

Source: © Brutl/reddit


17. This beer can-ception

Source: © jamestwatt/reddit


18. And finally, the inside of a 9-volt battery seems to be just 6 AAAA batteries

Source: © croastbeast/reddit


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