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‘Unicorn Armpit Hair’ Trend Has Made A Comeback For ‘Januhairy’

‘Unicorn Armpit Hair’ Trend Has Made A Comeback For ‘Januhairy’

Say hello again to one of the most colorful social media crazes! It’s a correlation between unicorns and hair, but it’s not a hair color trend, nor a new hairstyle. It’s quirky, colorful and has taken the internet by storm and thunder since the last year.

The trend we are talking about is called ‘Unicorn Armpit Hair’ and is about dyeing your pits in a wave of rainbow colors. (Kids, stay away from it before you set yourself on fire!) It already looks like it’s going to be a crazy Januhairy!

This trend is the brainchild of St. Louis-based hair stylist Caitlin Ford, who speaking to Allure, explained how the came up with such fairy armpit hair. She first tried what is now considered a trend, in a client’s pits, who was aiming for something fun to show off while she was out celebrating St. Louis Pride Fest.

But, soon enough, the unicorn pits triggered many other Instagram users to dye their own hair and share it on Instagram.

Unicorn armpit hair trend
Credit: Official Rainbow Girl/YouTube

Unicorn Armpit Hair is a blend of everything unicorn-themed and for the body positive campaigns to encourage women to opt for the au naturel look when it comes to their body hair.

Caitlin Ford described her work as ‘Rainbow Pits’, as it really looks like hair dipped in the rainbow.

Even though the picture of the unicorn armpit hair has been making the rounds for quite a long time now, the trend appears to have made a comeback for this year’s Januhairy as well.

Januhairy is known as a movement which encourages women to let the hair on their bodies grow in support of a charity, Body Gossip, which empowers every body to be the best version of themselves through arts and education.

The movement was founded by drama student, Laura Jackson, who calls on women and supports them to love and accept their body hair. On her crowdfunding site, Laura has a goal of 1,000 pounds (or more than $1,200) through sponsorships supporting women who grow their body hair.

Unicorn armpit hair trend
Credit: caitlinfordhair/Instagram

So, with women all around the world relinquishing the firm hold they have on their razors, the world is beginning to see body hair in a whole new way.

Among a large number of people who have shared their Rainbow Pit pictures, even some of the celebrities decided to join the unicorn hairy group. One of the singers who decided to celebrate the month of Januhairy was Miley Cyrus as well. Being a modern-day advocate of celebrating uniqueness, she went for a natural look. She shared a photo of her sporting pink armpit hair.

Because unicorns, that’s why!

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Unicorn armpit hair trend
Credit: Miley Cyrus/Instagram

Now, if you’re already in the process of growing out your armpit hair, why not add some unicorn colors to the mix?

And last but not least, remember: With or without armpit hair, never forget to celebrate your diversity, uniqueness, and natural look. Time to go against the grain and our society’s fixation with women’s hairless bodies.


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