Universal Studios Introduced The Newest Character – A Naked Troll Which Farts Glitter

Universal Studios Orlando has a new character at their theme-park you can meet and greet and that has quite a special set of skills. Attractions Magazine revealed that the new character is Guy Diamond, a naked Troll which farts glitter. Yup. You don’t see butt-naked trolls farting glitter very often.

glitter-farting troll universal studios
Attractions Magazine/YouTube

The Troll, Guy Diamond, is voiced by The Big Bang Theory star, Kunal Nayyar and has joined fellow Trolls, Branch and Poppy.

Source: Attractions Magazine

The video shows him making his way through crowds of people. For now, he is doing meet-and-greets with guests only at weekends. At one point, the Troll turns around and farts sparkly glitter confetti. Attractions Magazine also informed that the new character might make appearances in Universal Studios in Hollywood, Los Angeles.

Dreamworks’ Trolls official website describes Mr. Diamons as:

Popular, but not pompous. Shakes off clouds of glitter when he dances.

Speaks in an auto-tune voice. Is the living disco ball at any party.

Is our resident ‘naked glitter Troll’ with heaps of body confidence and a unique idea of personal space. He is a party on two feet.

But no mention of the farting…

If you want to see the Mr. Diamond fart glitter, you can do it on weekends at the popular theme park. According to Inside The Magic, he performs a quick dance near the SpongeBob SquarePants store at the Woody Woodpecker Kids Zone, before farting glitter.

But according to people’s reactions on Twitter, the mascot is not so fascinating, apparently.

One angry person wrote:

Thank you Universal Orlando for squashing what was a growing desire to visit your parks again. I love your Harry Potter spaces, but there is no way you’re getting a dime of my family’s hard-earned money if you think a naked glitter-farting-Troll roaming about is acceptable.

While another person on Twitter said:

I hate the troll that farts glitter but I appreciate Universal for making me feel something again.

Yet another disappointed Tweeter user:

Sorry, but the Troll farting glitter is a no for me. There’s a reason Disney is magic and Universal is just trend entertainment.

Grace over here was hoping the whole thing was a dream. Bad news, Grace.

I woke up hoping the glitter farting Troll was just a dream. You can imagine how disappointed I was when I logged onto twitter dot com today.

Hey Mr. Diamond, I love your glitter farts. Keep on farting!


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