12+ Unlucky Scenarios That Could Happen To Anyone

There are divided thoughts when it comes to luck, and whether it is a real thing or not, thus the saying ‘I believe in luck – the harder I work, the more luck I have’. However, there are plenty of moments you simply can’t let go without linking them to luck.

Talking about luck, research suggests that in Italy, watching a ladybug fly into your bedroom is considered good luck. Or did you know that seeing a white horse facing you might bring you good luck according to the people of Wales in the United Kingdom?

Well, there’s a lot of talk when it comes to luck. But what’s for sure, is that the cases we’re going to show you below have been dubbed as unlucky and the people who experienced them sure weren’t happy to have done so. Scroll to see and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

1. A feather pillow that has exploded in this washing machine.

unlucky scenarios

Source: © unknown author/imgur

2. Better walk to work than stay all day trying to bring this car in the condition to take you there.

unlucky scenarios

Source: © Jaxew/reddit

3. There goes the useful part of the umbrella.

Source: © TysonJJarrett/imgur

4. “Sliced my hand in two places.”

Source: © prolonginginevitable/reddit

5. I mean… if you want to cut your beard quickly. Ouch.

Source: © junkhacker/reddit

6. I’d not only have a bad day but a bad week if this happened to me.

Source: © Saucy-UK/imgur

7. Sometimes, things like this happen and that’s how the wall remains unpainted.

Source: © tab232/reddit

8. Wait, what? Did this tire get a pimple or?

Source: © basshead541/reddit

9. Oh, man.

Source: © unknown author/imgur

10. I’m not quite sure at how this could have happened.

Source: © who717/reddit

11. Whoops.

Source: © Week2nd/pikabu

12. I think having an emergency charger at all times is absolutely necessary.

Source: © HopelessNerd777/reddit

13. No mail today, I suppose.

Source: © lear85/reddit

14. “My sister’s RN balloons flew away right before her grad party started.”

Source: © talkingbird9/reddit

15. But this cup is now only useful if you drink cold beverages in it.

Source: © mourninshift/reddit

16. An onion with two layers of skin.

Source: © brotankwilson13/reddit

17. “Forgot to remove the hot pot from my toaster oven when I made dinner last night.”

Source: © imaginaryfamily/reddit

Any thoughts or additions to the list? Let us know in the comments section below.


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