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12+ Unusual And Interesting Things People Unintentionally Found

12+ Unusual And Interesting Things People Unintentionally Found

Sometimes in life, when least excepted, you find things you weren’t really searching for. And sometimes, no matter how hard you keep trying to search for something, you can’t find it. ‘C’est la vie’ I’d say. Unpredictable!

See below some interesting things people unintentionally found:


1. “My relative had other silver coins but mostly from the 1930s-1960s.”

Source: © juice06870 / imgur


2. I don’t really know where to look at first. Do you? It may look something decorative but actually is a life-bulb washed up on an Australian beach. It is alive and it floats.

Source: © tellamgood / reddit


3. Nokia: Alerts you when the battery is dying. Dies 1 decade later. I’m pretty sure you can still use it.

Source: © cooltonsnook / reddit


4. You can finally buy a Nimbus 2000 and apply to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This, for only 6.98$.

Source: © sleepy_badgers / reddit


5. A cloverleaf inside a cut tree. Oh, irony! Finding luck in ‘dying.’

Source: © Axeeel / imgur


6. “My cat’s face when I found one of her hoarding stashes.”

Source: © jasonripp / imgur


7. In case you haven’t seen a squirrel stash, here is one.

Source: © Aroniousj / reddit


8. “Time to find a new line of work.”

Source: © axloc / imgur


9. I knew it! Cats having 9 lives, no wonder their paws could be found on these Roman roof tiles (2nd century AD) found in Normandy, France.

Source: © matt_604 / reddit


10. That’s a golf ball in the middle of where the tree grew around.

Source: © grnskpr / imgur


11. “108 years of repaving the Indianapolis motor speedway’s asphalt.”

Unusual and interesting things

Source: © Yoda1PositivityStar / imgur


12. This crow was all wet, so a hair dryer should be the right thing to use.

Unusual and interesting things

Source: © bgpk / reddit


13. This ring belonged to a man who lost it 15 years ago, believing someone took it. While planting a bamboo he found it. Yeah, that’s life!

Unusual and interesting things

Source: © ExtraPlus / reddit


14. – Pardon! Can you direct me to apartment 9 and 3/4?
      – Sure, here. You just have to smash your head on that wall.
      – Uhm, I didn’t think I mentioned hospital 9 3/4.

Unusual and interesting things

Source: © DropBear25 / reddit


15. When mom comes home and you pretend you were doing the dishes. ‘Oh, hi mom!’

Unusual and interesting things

Source: © cbadtron / imgur


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