Unzipped Zipper Face Makeup Look Is What You Need For This Halloween

Halloween is approaching, and we all have those creepy vibes all around. It’s like, we can feel it in the air. As Phoebe from Friends would say, “I can feel Halloween in the air.” And what we’re looking prior to Halloween is what costumes we’re going to wear, and what makeup look should we put for the day. Thankfully, we have so many tutorials to get some inspiration before choosing the one we are going to opt for.

In case you are an indecisive person as I am (a Gemini talking here,) then you must be struggling to choose for the look. This is why, take your time, you still got time until Halloween.

However, we are here to offer you an unzipped zipper face makeup look that will for sure turn heads and scare some people out there. It looks so real, and easy to recreate, especially with the step-by-step tutorial you’re about to watch.

Hop on and let us have some fun, and why not recreate the look when Halloween comes!

What you need to begin the Unzipped zipper face makeup look is a zipper (preferably a short one, since you don’t wanna spend ages trying to recreate it.) After you are done choosing for the zipper, cut the first half of the material.

Unzipped Zipper Face Makeup Look

The zipper should look something like this after you’ve cut the material. You should do this so you don’t spend time covering the material, so, ‘cutting the material’ to the rescue to save yourself some time.

Make sure to stick the zipper on your face, in between your eyebrows and open it on both sides of your face. You can stick it using Liquid Latex. To put the product easier on your face, pour some in a palette and use your least favorite brush to apply it on your face.

Unzipped Zipper Face Makeup Look

Now, it is time you create the fake skin. All you need to do so is some tissue and Liquid Latex. Before doing anything, you should decide on the size of the tissue you’re going to need. Then, apply Liquid Latex in the zipper’s material and put the tissue on it.

In order for the tissue to look like fake skin, you will need to do this procedure several of times until the tissue becomes hard enough. So, Liquid Latex, tissue. Liquid Latex, tissue…Okay, we got this covered. So far so good!

After repeating the procedure for some time, let it dry for 15 minutes.

After the tissue has dried out, time to put some color to it so it can look like skin. Use a concealer which perfectly fits your skin tone and apply it over the fake skin. For you to cover the areas which the concealer wasn’t able to do, you should use a liquid foundation.

You can also use some powder to set the makeup. After you are done faking some skin, time to peel a part of the skin on the neckline off.

Time to use the fake blood so you can separate the two parts. What you need is dried blood and liquid blood. Initially, you should start with the dried blood. Be warned: the product has a very bad smell, so take some time to get used to it.

Unzipped Zipper Face Makeup Look

To create some depth to the look so it can look real, you need to use the black color. Now, time to use the liquid blood. You should apply it on your face and your neck. And, Ta-dah!

You’re all set to scare some fellas out there!

Unzipped Zipper Face Makeup Look

Watch the video for the whole procedure, and have some fun!

Source: BeautifulYouTV

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