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Useful DIY Tricks All Homeowners Should Know

Useful DIY Tricks All Homeowners Should Know

Owning a house is surely a great achievement and something to be proud of, but you have to know that it comes with lots of responsibilities. Let’s be honest, the hassle around the house is sometimes annoying. But useful DIY tricks help us look at the bright side!

Little tricks can help you solve small, irritating problems and make your life a little bit easier. Most of the hacks around the internet are pretty simple for average DIY’ers. All you need to have is time and patience, especially for the ones that are so cheap to do and really quick wins.

In this scroll, we have gathered some very useful DIY tricks to make the relationship between you and your house better on so many levels!

1. Easy soda pouring trick

Avoid the mess and pour soda like a PRO. All you need for this hack is create two holes over the can, parallelly to the pull tab, then insert two toothpicks in a triangle shape. Say bye to soda spilling!

 Easy soda pouring trick

2. Car phone holder idea

When you’re hitting the road, but the road is not very clear and you need a navigation! No way you’re carrying the phone in your hands while driving! If you don’t have a proper phone holder, improvise, you guys! Simply get a plastic bag laying down the car floor, and add to the AC fan. Make sure you tuck the plastic bag in between the phone case and your phone!

 Car phone holder idea

3. Painting brush storage

Painting messes are the WORST, let’s all agree on that! Bring a poodle noodle stick and create some spaces depending on how many you need! Add it to the painting palate. Now you can arrange painting brushes instead of creating messes all around!

Painting brush storage

4. Broom organizing useful DIY trick

The same you do with the painting brushes holder, you can do for brooms too! Arrange as many as you have!

Broom organizing useful DIY trick

5. Glue pouring and spreading useful DIY trick

2 in 1 processes are THE BEST, like this one for example. Make the glue all smooth and nice right after pouring it by simply sticking a card to the white glue bottle and pulling it back!

5. Glue pouring and spreading useful DIY trick

Life is not easy, but it can get easier with these useful DIY tricks! Find more in the video above!

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