15 Useful Hacks For Great Hair With Zero Trouble

Girls who have the dedication and determination to get up super early in the morning to make sure their hair is flawless are truly commendable. Some of us can’t really be bothered, but it’s not because we don’t care! We just love sleeping more than, well, doing our hair. And that’s how most days we end up with our hair up in a messy bun or a ponytail.

But, what if I told you, you don’t have to sacrifice your precious sleep and have gorgeous hair? That sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? It is true, though, because these simple tips and tricks,collected by Diply,  require almost no effort on your part and they’re bound to up your hair game.

1. Conditioner

Use conditioner only on the bottom three-quarters of your hair. Your head is most likely to produce the necessary moisture and oil for your roots on its own, the exception being people with a really dry scalp.

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2. Bobby pins

Before using bobby pins, apply some dry shampoo or hairspray to them. This will keep them in place and make sure they don’t slide.


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3. Comb

Don’t just use any old brush to comb the tangles out of your hair. Use a wide tooth comb, as it will cause less damage to your hair.


4. Dry shampoo

You can save a lot of time using a dry shampoo. Just make sure you buy the correct kind – you can’t make a worse hair mistake than having visible white powder in it!


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5. No shampoo

For naturally curly hair, the best option may be to stop using shampoo. Use some apple cider vinegar instead. Unlike the shampoo, the vinegar doesn’t contain sulfates which strip your hair of its natural oils.


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6. Haircuts

If you have curly hair, you should never have it cut while it’s wet: that’s just a guessing game and it’s bound to go wrong. Instead, you should find a hairdresser who can cut it when it’s dry.


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7. Ponytails

You don’t need to have really long hair to have an Ariana Grande-style ponytail! Just fake it! Make your ponytail look longer and fuller by hiding a lower ponytail beneath the high one.


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8. Tools

You can achieve different looks with the same tools. Learn all the ways you can use a curling iron to create various kinds of curls, and also how to avoid losing volume when you’re straightening your hair.


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9. Brushing

Brush your hair before washing. Dry hair is stronger than wet, so by not brushing it when it’s wet, you will avoid damaging it.


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10. Toothbrush

A toothbrush can be your best friend when it comes to dealing with those pesky baby hairs and cowlicks. Apply some hairspray on the toothbrush and comb them down.


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11. Frizz

You can prevent your hair from frizzing by drying it with a t-shirt instead of a towel. Towels cause a lot of friction, disrupting your hair’s cuticle and resulting in frizz.


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12. Pillowcases

Throw away your cotton pillowcase and get a silk one. It will reduce the breakage of your hair as you toss and turn, and as an added bonus, you will feel like a queen!

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13. Bobby pins. Again.

You have probably been inserting bobby pins the wrong way your whole life! If you put them wavy side down, they’re less likely to slide down.


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14. Your speciality

This one is more of a tip than a hack, but you should master the creation of at least one look. For example, learn how to do a French braid! It’s always good to have a go-to for any occasion.


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15. Products

Don’t use too much product in your hair. It will weigh down your locks and it will cost more money. So make sure the amount you use is just right.

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