A User On Reddit Shares This New Helpful Winged Eyeliner Hack

The newest eyeliner trick has arrived and we are so excited to see how this one turns out. Instead of trying to put tape next to your eyes to create that straight winged liner. This user on Reddit shared a brilliant tip. A girl who goes by the user MDL1994 shared this trick on the MakeupAddiction subreddit. In the post she wrote: 

I usually get a lot of compliments on my winged eyeliner, so I wanted to share my best eyeliner hack with you!

This is how she does it. She starts off her makeup routine by doing her eyes first. She draws on her eyeliner with the Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner, which she swears by. And it is more than okay if your wings are not perfect, the next step will save it. After eyeliner, she grabs a makeup wipe. She folds it in her finer so it has a smooth edge. Then she places that wipe below each eyeliner wing and swipes it upward. This will instantly sharpen those wings and make them look like it took you a lot of effort while doing it. MDL1994 says that this little hack of her is“quick, easy, and foolproof,” and we have to agree with her. You can see how she does these steps in the photo below. In the comment section she also added:

You can’t go wrong with this! If I mess up, I just go in with more eyeliner and wipe again until I get it right.

reddit winged eyeliner hack
Photo Credit: MDL1994/REDDIT

Comments flooded after people saw it and some even suggested other tricks. Some said that you can use a cotton swab with a pointed tip sprayed with some micellar water or an angled eyeliner brush. E.l.f. makes a very helpful makeup remover pen that basically has the serves that purpose. You can do this trick by using eyeshadow too. After you have applied the foundation that will make the winged liner even sharper.

Many people thanked MDL1994 for sharing this hack. HealinVisionClueless said: “YOU’VE CHANGED MY LIFE.”,  Psyduck_13, replied with, “Where has this been my whole life? I’ve been walking around looking like the top left box 😱”

And then our favorite:

What the fuck. This is so much faster than fucking up and re-doing the same wing three times over.

What do you think about this hack? Have you tried it before?


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