You May Have Been Using These 19 Things The Wrong Way All The Time

If you don’t take advantage of the plethora of useful hacks and tricks found all around the internet these days, then what are you doing with your life?!

It’s clear that some people have become obsessed with them since they can be real life-savers. Every one of us wants to find a smart and fast way to accomplish everyday tasks. And, you might not be aware that there are many things and products that you have been using the wrong way all the time.

Thanks to Diply, here are some genius and life-changing hack that you probably didn’t know but they can be beyond helpful and practical. Scroll down and embrace this mind blowing hacks.

1. You can peel a hardboiled egg without actually peeling off the entire shell.

Sounds impossible, right? But, it is definitely possible. Next time you are peeling a hardboiled egg, simply tap the top and the bottom of the egg and remove the small pieces of the shell. Then, take the egg in your hand, place it with one of the ends on your lips and blow.

Source: YouTube | Tim Ferriss

2. There is one magic spot on the glass ketchup bottle.

The easiest way to get a good flow of ketchup out of Heinz glass bottle is to tap the tiny “57” that is embossed on its neck, according to Heinz.


Source: The Sun | Heinz | The Sun | News Group Newspapers LTD

3. The applesauce containers actually come with a spoon.

You can twist the lid you peel off the container and make yourself a nice little spoon.


Source: Imgur | LookeyHere

Mindblowing, right?


Source: Giphy | Omaze

4. Your spaghetti spoon can measure out the perfect serving of noodles.

Now you know.


Source: Facebook | My Smoko Break

5. Some of the handles on pots may have a spoon rest.

Say goodbye to the mess you usually made.


Source: Tumblr

6. There are handles on juice boxes.

So, these small tabs on the juice boxes are meant to be used as handles.


Source: Imgur | stretch2stretch

 A real juice box game changer.


Source: Giphy | Superstore

7. You’re probably storing peanut butter wrong.

Did you know that actually placing a jar of natural peanut butter upside down prevents it from separating? It also prevents the oil from escaping to the surface and causing a mess inside the jar.


Source: Kelli Foster | The Kitchn

8. The tab on the soda cans has a purpose.

The tab on cans is actually meant to keep your straw from flipping around.


Source: Food Beast



Source: Giphy | Nickelodeon

9. The loop on the back of the dress shirt is useful.

This is supposed to be used to hand the shirt on a hook without getting wrinkled.


Source: The Washington Star News

10. The tabs on the side of the aluminum foil and plastic wrap have a purpose.

They are supposed to keep the roll inside the box as you pull.


Source: This Week For Dinner

A real life-changer.


Source: Giphy | The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon

11. Chinese food takeout containers unfold into plates.


Source: Huffington Post

12. There is a warming drawer under the oven.

Amazing, right? This drawer is not an area for storing pans but for warming food.


Source: Instagram | @cozycourtz

13. There is a proper way to break off the perfect piece of Toblerone

You need to simply push on the top of the triangle segment towards the bar.


Source: The Bounce

Well, duh!

Source: reddit | StarGateGeek

14. Some key chain bottle openers actually come with a tab opener too.


Source: reddit | Piyh

15. Paper condiment cups can hold way more sauce than you realize.

These cup can fan out, giving you more space for sauce.


Source: Life Hacker

16. Tic Tac containers have a built-in dispenser.


Source: Food Beast

These are no more excuses for spilling an entire container now.


17. There’s an easier and simpler way to peel an orange.

Simply slice off the top and the bottom first and then make a small cut into the peel.

Source: Telegraph

18. You are probably not peeling bananas properly.

It is supposed to be peeled off from the bottom.


Source: EMGN

19. Eating a cupcake can be more enjoyable than it already is.

Create a sweet sandwich by taking the top off of the cupcake, turning it upside down, and placing it back on the bottom half.


Source: Red Book | The Wild Cupcake

Now, we know. Can I have one now so I can properly eat it?


Source: reddit | conasabi
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