Venice’s Iconic Canals Run Dry After Weeks Without Rain

There is a theory that Venice is going to be flooded due to global warming. One of the most famous Italian cities, that is situated across a group of 118 small islands, runs the risk of ending up underwater due to global warming and rising sea level. According to a research, the Mediterranean Sea is forecast to rise up around 140cm before 2100.

However, at least for now the opposite is happening. The famous canals in this iconic city have gone dry following weeks without rain.

This article originally appeared on Ladbible.

Tourists were shocked by the image of the muddy and dry canals due to seriously low tides.


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Socking images from the famous ancient city show gondolas stuck on dry and muddy land near the Rialto Bridge due to a mixture of a lack of rain and low tides. As reported, the water levels have been as much as 60 cm lower than usual.


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As for last year, the water levels were 70 cm below normal, which affected the transport by taxi or gondola.

This is the third year that this odd phenomenon has struck the city, causing traffic chaos. Also, Venice has been hit by floods in the past few years.

When the canals ran dry in 2015, experts told the Independent that it’s not just down to weather conditions, but due to lack of maintenance, too.

Residents are more concerned with flooding, according to experts, so there were spent around €5 billion ($6 billion) for creating a flood barrier. So, that means that there is less money available for the routine removal of mud and sediment.

According to studies, the picturesque city is sinking at a rate of one to two millimeters a year with many of the old staircases now ruined.

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Source: Ladbible