Vet Puts Dog To Sleep After Dialing The Wrong Owner For Permission

A Utah woman says her dog was mistakenly euthanized after a terrible miscommunication from her pet’s vet. Andrea Martinez sent her puppy Ziggy to the vet after some breath and vomiting problems he had. Martinez wrote in a Facebook post that she was told by vets that dachshund puppy Zig would need surgery to fix a problem in his stomach. She agreed for the surgery and went home after being promised she would be updated for Ziggy’s condition.

Credit: Facebook/Andrea Martinez

Later that night, a staffer from the hospital called the owner of another dog to ask for euthanization consent. It is alleged that the wrongly dialed owner had a dog with the same name. The vet asked the wrong owner whether they would like to proceed with a more expensive surgery or to put the pooch down. And not knowing that the dog was not theirs, they opted to have the pet euthanized.

Meanwhile, at 2.30 am, Martinez said she got a call telling her Ziggy had died.

vet puts wrong dog to sleep
Credit: KUTV

She said that the staffer was saying it like she should have known what’s going on. Later they explained that it was during the surgery when they called the wrong owner and explained Ziggy’s situation. Between going for the extensive surgery or putting the dog to sleep, the wrong owner chose the second one. This news left Martinez shocked and extremely sad.

Feeling heart-broken when she found out her dog had died, Martinez wrote on her Facebook post:

They let a stranger decide my dog’s fate. They robbed me the choice of saying ‘at least we tried’. I feel so sick and can’t stop crying.


Martinez went on saying that money wasn’t an issue as Ziggy was her younger daughter’s best friend and their other dog’s best friend, so they would have tried anything to make him feel well again.

vet puts wrong dog to sleep
Credit: KUTV

In a later FB post, Martinez wrote

  It was a honest mistake, they owned it, and are taking steps to make things okay. Ziggy was really sick and from the sounds of it, I’m not sure he would’ve even made it, after all, said and done. I do wish we would’ve had to chance to find out tho but life happens and we have to learn to adjust and learn and grow from it. I will forever miss him but at least I know he’s not in pain anymore.

Martinez says the vet has waived Ziggy’s bills, given her a special Christmas tree ornament with his paw print on and an urn for his ashes. Also, they apologised her for the terrible mistake they made.

vet puts wrong dog to sleep
Credit: KUTV

RIP Ziggy, may these miscommunications never happen again.


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