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This WWII Veteran’s Wife’s Wedding Dress Is Made Of The Parachute That Saved Her Husband

This WWII Veteran’s Wife’s Wedding Dress Is Made Of The Parachute That Saved Her Husband

Tying the knot, getting hitched, getting married or whatever you call it can be one of the most exciting and beautiful days in your life. A lot of planning will be previously done and sometimes it’s reasonable to be even anxious a bit. Is everything going the way we want it to go? What about the guests, the wedding cake or the wedding dress? Yes, the dress might be quite a dilemma for many brides and it might take time and energy to choose one that fits you best.

Some brides spend a lot of time deciding which dress to buy while visiting many stores, others design their own dresses, they choose the fabric and the design they want.

Take Ruth, a woman who decided to make her wedding dress out of an unusual material – her husband’s old parachute.

One would say why a parachute? It turns out that her husband – Major Claude Hensinger jumped out of a B-29 during WWII while flying back from a bombing run in 1944, Japan.

According to We Are The Mighty, the parachute also kept her husband safe as he landed and he continued to hold that lucky parachute back home. After getting together with Ruth, he told her about the parachute’s importance in  his life as he used it to propose Ruth.

According to Ripley’s, he told her:

“This is the parachute that saved my life. I want you to make a wedding gown out of it.” And we’re not sure about Ruth’s reaction at that moment but she decided to accept the challenge and make her man’s dream true. Together with a seamstress, Ruth made her wedding gown out of that old parachute!

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Not only did Hensinger like Ruth’s wedding gown, but also many following brides wore that dress after Ruth.

Now, that striking dress with this beautiful history is an installation at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History!

What a beautiful story!

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