Vietnam’s ‘The Bachelor’ Female Contestants Ditch Their Date After Falling For One Another

In case you’re not familiar with the Vietnamese version of the Bachelor, you’ve at least heard about the shocking revelation when two female contestants ditched their eligible date and seemed to run off together. The news made headlines all over. The video when a contestant named Minh Thu, confessed her love for a fellow date rival called Truc Nhu, has since gone viral. The pair were competing on the show for the attention of bachelor Quoc Trung, but their romance threw the audience a curveball.

Pictured above: The show’s bachelor named Quoc Trung. He offered his rose to a lady named Truc Nhu, only for her to have other ideas in mind.

Pictured above: Minh Tru, approaching the Bachelor to confess that her search for love has ended, as she found that in the arms of the rival contestant, Truc Nhu.

Pictured above: Minh is then seen pleading with Truc go home with her, as the latter heads to the Bachelor to return his rose.

Truc is heard telling the Bachelor:

I know you’ll find someone who really loves you, who understands you, knows how to take care of you, who can look at you from afar and know how you’re feeling. I’m sorry.

The two girls, apparently now a couple, are then seen walking out of the door, with Truc clearly in tears. Viewers did not expect this at all, and they immediately took to Twitter to comment on it.

Pictured above: A tearful Truc as she makes her way to the door.

However, a final twist followed with the Bachelor persuading Truc to come back.
One user, @jsumler_ wrote:

She said “come home with me” the hopeless romantic in me is living

While another added:

Get me a rose to hide behind while I cry, because I am WREKT

Other people applauded this progressive move for the show that celebrates heterosexual relationships.

One person commented:

A beautiful moment for good exposure for the bi-sexual community everywhere on national television – and we are here for these ladies!

In the end, after a heart-to-heart convo with Quoc, Truc decides to give their potential love affair a second chance, as she goes back into the room, leaving a heartbroken Minh Thu alone.

Since 2002, when The Bachelor launched in America, it proved that it was a huge hit when similar versions in different countries across the globe followed suit.


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Source: Dailymail